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March 28, 2007



How cool that everyone gets to be involved! Even making the best of of some dirt and a stick ;)


I love this post. It even makes me want to go out there and watch Ben play! :)


Looks like a grand time.

Can't multitask and knit while keeping score?! :)


We worship in that same synagogue, sister ;}. I have one coach, one baseball player (pitches, catches) and one softballer (who has a swift bat and fields at first). Me I have needles and a camera! This is my knitting season!


It looks like you guys have a great time together as a family. Thanks for sharing!


Unfortunately baseball is not a German sport, but we do know Willi Wonka! My children love the movie with Johnny Depp. Didn't know, though, that Wonka choclate really exists. (And I love Charlie Sheen in the movie The Cleveland Indians. He looks so cute with those glasses.)


Every Sunday we're doing the same exact thing. Thankfully itty bitty tball is only a couple of innings though.

You're family is so adorable! The family that plays together, stays together!


I love seeing the photos of your baseball duties and fun. That is really awesome!!!

Holly of HollYarns

Looks and sounds like lots of fun for your familia!

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