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February 22, 2007



Totally with you on this one...The bible has not kept this a "secret"'s been known always, "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matt 6:20-22


I downloaded The Secret off the net for free, and tried to watch it. Key word - TRIED. It just DOESN'T make sense.


Dear Lain,

"I just don't get it. Call me crazy (it won't be the first time!), but where's the beef?"

Sadly, (by law of The Secret) you won't ever get "it", you will now be crazier than ever, over and over, still craving beef!
Hee hee heee, I have lots of friends that have seen it and go on and on! oh gah
Have a great evening,


Yeah, I am with Maria on that one! The Bible, go with that. That is no secret. No beef.
Heh heh.

Jody Ferlaak

I have heard about the 'secret' but not read it on watched Harpo's take on it. I have to agree with you heartily...the message seems weak. Not that there isn't some truth to parts of it, but as a whole it seems there are issues.
I, as you know, am living a message hoping that others will come to understand the secret to the joy and hope I possess in life. Really, it's available to all people who are willing to accept that life can be hard, life doesn't always make sense, but thankfully, there is One in whom we can depend to bring us through it from day to day. Thanks for your thoughts, as usual, Lain! =)


Oh I love you to bits Lain that you see it the same as I do!!!!! It all reminded me of J.K. Rowling somehow. No one cared that she took things, whole names even, concepts from Tolkien's Lord of the rings but claimed she thought of Harry potter's story all by herself. One great thing though: it got kid's into reading! Still, it's amazing what good marketing for hype can do, as always. What a machinery!


bernadette have so eloquently put into words what I have been feeling since many of my friends have been having 'secret dvd evenings' and raving over the book. Having grown up with so much of the content over the last 45 years I just found it kind of bland and boring. I did smile when I saw the titles that many, previously known as 'motivational speakers', have given themselves, they are now called 'philosophers' which is no great shakes, it just seems to me that it is a bit of a bandwagon and some very clever marketing. The message has always been there, maybe this is just a new way of reaching people who were never interested in self development before. Could it be anything to do with the ease in which folks think they can get things....I said to a friend of mine who is driving me mad with it all, 'the universe may well provide you with flowers but you still have to tend the garden to pick the bunch' Sadly many people think that is not so! Hey ho it takes all sorts to make this juicy colourful world of ours.

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