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February 07, 2007



That's SO CUTE!!

The smallest thing I ever knit was mittens!
The photo is on my blog at:



THat is so darn cute! I only knit scarves so nothing teeny tiny here. Have you seen the book knitting for peace? There is probably a charity in there that accepts your teeny tiny socks!



Aww, that is the cutest, cutest thing ever!

Theresa E.

OK, I'm not really a knitter so haven't ever started nor finished a project.
I just wanted to tell you how much I *loved* that you loved your sock enough to take a picture of it & post about it. It's just too "darn" cute not to!


That is adorable! You're amazing!

The smallest thing I've knit so far (not counting drink coasters) were mittens for my grandson: (third picture down in that post). They have errors in them, but they'll work, and frankly, if their dog doesn't eat them within a couple weeks, I'll be shocked. ;)

I just bought my first skien of self-patterning sock yarn the other day, along with the teeny-tiniest DPNs I've ever seen. I'm slightly intimidated by the thought of using them, but my success at having thumbs keep showing up in the mittens I'm making has given me the courage to branch out to footwear. :}

Cindy Ericsson

The biggest thing was a large afghan (couple sized) for a friend who was having heart surgery. The smallest was probably a sock. One of the sweetest small things was a kimono sweater for a newborn.


LOL, I didn't put 2 + 2 together until just now! Hmm, perhaps a passionate scrapbook page??
LOL, love it!


Wow!!! Now that is small! Hmm...smallest thing ever...a little Bratz poncho and shirt. :)

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