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February 21, 2007


Jody Ferlaak

"Nothing wild, nothing weird, nothing out of the ordinary. Just a perfect, perfect day."
My favorite kind of perfect day too! Have a great, totally ordinary, nothing weird rest-of-the week too. =)


So very cool glad to hear your Monday was perfect! San Francisco is such a gorgeous place too! I love the picture of your gorgeous kiddos. Thanks for posting it! :)


That sounds sooooo very nice. What a wonderful day indeed. :)


That DOES sound like the perfect day! I don't know how you could top that one, but let me just say your kids are so stinkin adorable! WOW!! You're going to be chasing off the opposite sex when they get older!

I can't wait to see you Friday. So fun to finally meet!


It sounds perfect - so glad you got to share it with those you love.
I've been to all those same places - one of my prized possessions is one of the early Fishermen's Grotto menu's from the late 40's.
Glad you got to have such a great day!
xoxo, t

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