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February 04, 2007



GASP is right! Wow! You have willpower woman! :)


so... have you gone yet?



I don't ever want to hear those words out of your mouth again! There is no such thing as enough yarn...just not enough room ;-)

You not going to the sale is just OUTRAGEOUS! You simply MUST go! You never know what is just dying to be part of your stash?

Love Ya,


Be sure to check out my blog...


Wow, that is incredible will power. I would have had to go just to buy a large quantity of one type of yarn, like a dk weight cotton or something that I know I would eventually make a sweater or top out of.


Good for's all in the choices we make. :)


And I totally love your new downloaded layouts! YOu have been keeping busy :)


A girl can't have too much yarn!

Lisa LYS which I didn't even know existed until about a month ago and I just went to for the first time two weeks ago (that is hard to believe!) has had a sale going on since Jan. 28 and it ends on Sat. I have been there THREE times already and bought stuff every time. I go in with a short list of things I need...and then I see the soft, pretty yarn and all sanity goes out the window. My yarn basket, which until two weeks ago, could house my entire yarn stash, is overflowing. It seems I've become one of you, heaven help me. LOL But I'm so enjoying it...I can't stop myself.... ;)

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