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January 31, 2007



Mmmm, I suppose I can't guess, huh? LOL. Had a blast!Can't wait to see you again! I'll be forwarding you the entire set of pics soon....they have been downloading into shutterly and Wolf all day today! Non-stop! And there are many hours to internet has been soooo slow today!

Cindy Ericsson

Is she Melanie Falick? (I'm not sure I spelled that right.) Whoever she is, she's very pretty and tall (said with envy, because I'm only 5'5").


I have no idea, but I must say I'm very sad! I wish I'd known you were going to be in Anaheim since I live about 6 miles from there!! We could've met at Starbucks!



I don't have a clue who that is but she sure is pretty huh? I am so glad that you had a good time!



Amen to that stuff about the shiny acrylic. Ech! I've got a bunch of that stuff that I've bought over the years for various and sundry projects, and now that I'm knitting, I've been trying to use it up by making quick projects with it. I'm finding it sucks to knit with, too, because sticks to my needles and isn't smooth at all to handle. Might just have to chuck it all in a bag and save it for kids' crafts rather than continue to frustrate myself with it. :P


hmmm... clue.
i save all the acrylic for testing out stitches on my kids...due to washabiliy. :)


Oh yea, this reminds me. Because of your hint I was going to say the Domiknitrix, but only because I thought I was so darn clever and made it up. But tonight, in my quest for a SPanish workbook (because I started a spanish class) I accidently wandered into the knitting section of Hastings (gasp, how would I end up there??) and saw a really cool black book about whipping your knitting into shape by someone cheeky enough to call herself the Domiknitrix. Gawd I love her cheekiness. I beleive it said her name was Jennifer Stafford (?). And now you, my cool friend, know her! How cool are you? Is she? Not me, 'cuz I didn't know until tonight. Poor me. Must be cruel punishment because I started a [gasp again] CROCHETED granny square scrap blanket at 3:45 AM when I couldn't sleep. The knitting gods are punishing me but at 3:45 AM, holding TWO needles seemed to be too much for me.
xoxo, t

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