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December 22, 2006



I am exactly the same way! Start one thing and end up elsewhere cleaning!! We're so much alike! LOL


My hubby would hang up the phone on me too - lol... just thought I'd let you know!


My hubby would hang up the phone on me too - lol... just thought I'd let you know!


Hi. I have suggestions...I am the same way. One day I know that I will find the perfect way to organize (or win some kind of contest where someone comes over to do it for me). I feel your pain. :)
Thank you for the lovely card! Awww...the kids are so cute! Have a wonderful holiday!


If I had the answer I'd have written one of those books you have piled up in your 'to read' list! =) I often think that the pioneers had it 'easy' compared to the day and age we live in...they didn't have to decide what to save and what to keep- they usually were happy to have 'just enough'. This year I have made a pact with myself...every big box that has been shipped to my home full of gifts and goodness, is going back out into the garage full of stuff that is no longer being used. Maybe it will be the jumpstart I need to de-clutter. Hang in there...this time of year (getting and giving) can be a tough one to attack the jobs you have described. I'm sure I'll buy more wrapping paper on sale after Christmas to add to my stash from last Christmas. I think that's why there's an aptly-named term for people like me...'good intentioned'. It's just a bit less intimidating to me than 'Perfectionist'. Merry Christmas, Lain. Best to you and yours this holiday and in the coming New Year!


Your post made me feel so much better! I'd like to think I'm a perfectionist too since I go through a lot of the same things you do. You should see my house right now...I so desesperately need to declutter but I've been stopped a million times with so many other things to do in the process. It never ends! :)

hPNY Knits

you simply suffer from "house chores ADD." a well known problem for creative types...
but good luck to ya' anyway... we are all with ya'!


fly lady! fly lady! fly lady! I know she's got something specific about this...I know you already git the closet done, but maybe you can find something else to help (or something new if you already know about her)


Fly Lady is good but have you ever seen the 30-minute TV show called "Neat"? (I think it's on DIY, the Do-It-Yourself Network). If you can get it .. WATCH IT! She is the organizing guru! Also, I really like the "Real Simple" magazine. It can sometimes have some extraordinary organizing tips.

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