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December 03, 2006



Well, my husband would say that I need to do a great smackdown on my stash and don't need to be helping anybody else out until mine is taken care of first. But, I ask you, when do I ever listen to my husband? I am in...let me know what I need to do.

Hey, if anybody is going to work on the button can you tell me who it is so I can ask them how to make buttons? Please? I have just been using pictures then altering them in either Paint or Picture It! Okay, Lainie, we are here for you babe!



I ask you, how special do I feel? As if winning the contest wasn't enough, I was added to the top of the Posse list *wipes away tears*. I never thought this day would come! Thanks Lain!


If it was the great *scrapping* stash smack down, I'd be in. But I've managed to keep my yarn purchases pretty well in check. We take our successes where we can, you know. ;)


i need to do a smack down on my fabric but I can't commit! LOL! Good luck though!


I don't have enough stash yarn to do a smack down .. sniff, sniff. Oh well, maybe I can participate next year! Good luck with your smack down though.


You know, if I was a knitter, I would totally join you, right? :)
I love the whole concept though! Great idea! I'll be looking forwarding to checking your progress on this :)


I'm in. I'm going through my entire craft space though, and am going to smackdown as many half-started projects as I can. Some of them are even knitting related!

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