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December 26, 2006



What I have realized about technology is... no matter how valuable or useful it is now...tomorrow it will be junk and worth nothing. Craigslist!


This is exactly the conundrum I'm having about the desire for an iPod. I got Christmas money from my mom, and I keep wanting to spend it on an iPod. I do not NEED an iPod. But for some reason, I still WANT an iPod (because everyone ELSE has one!!! LOL). I'm so pathetic. I keep telling myself to just save the money and wait until I have a bit more and I can buy myself a second LCD monitor, which is something that would be far, far more practical and useful than an iPod. :::sigh::: So hard to make the better decision.... :}


I flip flop on this same issue! Sometimes I give away to get it out of my life and that is worth so much right there. If I am feeling up to it, I sell it. I feel just like you; like I need to get some money back to make me feel better???


Do you have a local "I Sold It On Ebay Store" near you? Just throw everything in a bag, take it to them & they'll sell it for you! One just opened up by my house so I'm thinking about it.

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