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December 18, 2006



I am so in agreeance with you! I buy more than I can use, and I tend to not use up because it's my "good" stuff and I can't bare to part with it. I know what you mean. But I'm in a total DECLUTTER phase right now! Maybe it's nesting - lol. Oh - by the way, I'm putting my blog back to public this week sometime -so it'll be BACK TO it's old self, and then you have NO excuse not to come and read and LEAVE COMMENTS! I miss your comments on my blog! I'll let you know when I'm up and running back to public mode. I figure, why should I hide from one girl who has the need to know. So what if she knows what I'm knitting or where I went for dinner, or what book I'm reading.... right? :)


I'm fine with purging...did that a few times this fall, sending nice, big boxes of goodies to a few different folks. Love doing that, actually, because there's always so much on hand to share. I finally got over my "save" mentality with regard to my stash...I used to wait for "just the right project" to use things on, but no more. So, I'm pretty good at using.

The not buying? That's my downfall. See, I don't have a good LSS nearby...the closest is over an hour away, and it is HUGE. So, when I make the trek, I figure it only makes sense to stock up on every lovely and wonderful thing I see because who knows when I'll get back up there, right? :} Add to the fact that I belong to their "club" which gives you weekly coupons and cumulative money back rewards (in the form of store credit) and I'm all about buying stuff there.

Then there is my travel buying, which, this year included scrapbook mecca, Utah (as well as Arizona, Texas, Ohio and Florida!). More than most sightseeing, I LOVE finding scrap stores when I'm out of town, and I buy like crazy there, too, because they often carry things that aren't at my regular store.

I was just at my LSS last week (and hit my next-to-last reward level for the year...which means I'm doing better because last year I topped out, hitting all the levels LOL) and as I was coming home I thought it might be a good idea not to renew my club membership. That would elminate one buying motivation, anyway. But then, as it happens, there is a new LSS opening just about 20 minutes from me, and I hear it is going to be a really nice sized store. :::sigh::: This could be so freakin' dangerous....


my problem (not that it is a problem) is that I
1. buy too much just cause it is cute!
2. Make too many project without a cause...just makin things cuz I like homes for them...
3. spend a little bit toooo much time looking at blogs...cant help it...cant explain it...and I knwo that I am not the only one...
cant help gives me this unbelievable amount of happiness to do all this...and for a living, too!
thanks for all of your comments...your posts make me giggle...out loud!
like the chocolate...gramham cracker, carrots, cracker and back to the chocolate...
it really is so unbelieveable how much we are alike!


Yes, Wisconsin is in the Midwest. = )

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