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December 13, 2006



What a great question; it is like you are reading my mind. As I cleaned my house today I was amazed (once again) at how much sh..I mean stuff I have. Funny thing is not really only me, my kids, all three, have a lot of stuff too. My husband is the only one in this house without a lot of stuff. (no wonder he is always complaining about the amount of stuff)

How did I get this stuffed? I have stuff in places that I fogot I had stuff; stuff that I haven't looked at since the last time I was shocked over the amount of stuff.

Reminds me of a camercial here in is for the flea market.

One man says he is going to the flea market. Another man ask him why. To buy more stuff man number one says. Stuff to play with, stuff to eat, stuff to wear, stuff to put stuff number two says what are you going to do when you get overstuffed? Man number one says, I will go back to the flea market to sell his stuff to the understuffed and then buy more stuff. Doesn't that just sound like us?

Here is to cleaning out...*pause* in the spring!
PS make sure you read my blog tomorrow ;-)



oh my gosh .. we should be fridge buddies! I do that EXACT thing all the time!! I'd probably be a size smaller if I stopped that nonsense!! You crack me up!


You hit the spot girl. I've been doing some house cleaning too - preparing for baby, and coming across stuff I was like... why did I buy this? Or why did I buy THREE packs of this when I only needed one. It's amazing how STUFF ends up controlling our lives... eh?


I am going to be thinking about this all day...probably longer than that. yes, chocolate first ;)


This is all so true! I love your post today!


This is something I continue to think about...and I always know that there is something wrong with the inner me when the outer me starts spending money like crazy. I've been trying to be more and more sensitive to that and stop the cycle and deal with whatever the real issue is instead. As for the "how much is too much?" question in general, I've been trying to learn more and more about sustainability and how to incorporate sustainable practices into my life whenever possible. That's a big thing on my mind these days and that I want to focus even more on in the coming year.

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