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December 09, 2006



hi! sounds big. i hope that you are doing alright. i will stay tuned for the changes. i think that i reached a point in my life where i decided something really big...just before turkey day. i acted on it, and hope that all goes well. change can be a really good thing.


oops...i hit post before i was finished. duh. i also wanted to tell you that i love the new festive look!


ohhhh what are you giving up?! :)

Lisa's that season...I'm in reflecting/planning mode myself. :}


You are so's all a daily walk. A learning, realization, growing, accepting...and it's all good. :)


GOod for you! I agree 100% and need to take this seriously myself - especially with STUFF. Saying, as Ihave for years, that I need more room, is really not the solution. What I need is less stuff!
xoxo, t

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