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December 02, 2006



HOLY TOLEDO GIRL!! That's a TON of yarn.

What's Stash Smackdown?


Holy Shit Girl! I can't believe you have close to 400 skeins..... are you INSANE? How do you even have room for all this??????? LOL


ps - what's the Stash Smackdown?


holy crap. but I will refrain from commenting further as I too have a crafting stash that is out of control.


I would like to thank my MOM; who used to take me to all those Tupperware Parties where I played guess the amount of jelly beans in the "burping" jar. I would like to thank my girlfriends, for having all those baby showers where I had to guess how many m&m's were in the Baby Bottle (are you noticing a theme?)

For really, reals, are you serious that I am the winner! That is too cool. Can't wait to see the loot :-)

I have loved emailing with you and absolutely love your Blog: have you checked mine out? Just curious.

Thanks Babe!

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