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December 12, 2006




Wow...some food for today today...You are so right, now you've given me plenty of things to think about and ponder...I'll come back with some answers...and I'll e-mail you too about our getting together to finish up our projects. It's been a bit busy this week at work (when is it ever not?)


What an interesting question. I'll have to give that some thought and get back to you. :}


Like your defs of accept vs. tolerate. I have not thought of them in those terms. I would honestly have to move my lack of health and exercise and good eating habits from accept to tolerate. Obviously I CAN do something about them, but for some reason, am unable to do so. While the fact that I have an iffy hip (broke it as a kid and it healed poorly) is more of an accept thing. Just accept that it is damaged and move on, stop using it as an excuse for little exercise, but suck it up and exercise anyway.

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