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December 29, 2006


Holly of HollYarns

No silly, you are not freakin' me out with all this talk of clearing out and creativity. I am currently looking into some mental clearing out (and decreasing stress) via meditation. I do have a book suggestion for reading, though. However, the most important rule is that you must borrow it from the library or read it while in a bookstore: Juliet B. Schor's The Overspent American: Why We Want What We Don’t Need. It focuses on our motivations for buying things and also briefly looks at the voluntary simplicity movement. I am--like most Americans--a consumer and this book along with many others that focus on voluntary simplicity forces me to think about and moderate my buying.

BTW-Hope you had a wonderful holiday season!


I love your posts! I spent half the day cleaning in the computer/craft room and tomorrow I am tackling my daughters room. She is almost as bad a pack rat as I am:):)


Of course not! I am thinking about joining you actually! One room at a room at a time. I have made some big plans for while the hubby is deployed...painting, organizing, cleaning, weight loss, grow my hair out...etc. It is inspiring to know that someone out there is getting things in order and maybe I will be able to as well! Big hopes!


Not at all! I am finding it quite inspiring - and am seriously thinking about joining you too. The whole simplicity movement is very appealing to me and I have done a lot of reading about it in the past and am now planning to do more and reread some of those words of wisdom.


Hey Chica! Happy New Year! You know we love you!


you are an inspiration! honestly, this is the perfect place for motiviation, or just living vicariously -- you know, not actually decluttering myself, but cheering you on in your efforts. Seriously, if I don't start decluttering around here we shall be engulfed. You go girl!

hPNY Knits

we are just jealous! it sounds so good, but hard to do!


Nope! I find it inspiring! Go Lainie!


Nope. Just what I need in my life my friend. :)

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