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November 28, 2006



Ahh, what a refreshing list! Love it. It's all in the simple things! When I was young I was happy with a book and an arts set. They literally could make me exude happiness! Nothing better than that.


I'm so glad you posted the list! I'm having the worst time trying to figure out what to buy the grandkids, but now I'm thinking more legos!!


Hi there! So happy to see your smiling mug on your site and to read your news. Thank you (!!!!) for checking in on me's been a rough ride of late. Blechy for sure. This post reminds me of the "found" magazine/site--> they find scraps of paper/notes, etc. and reflect on what it's about. Kinda fun. I am so missing chatting with you...I hope you're having some fun and keeping joy in your heart. Let's catch up more and happy day toyou! Holly


my list? new cookie pans. mine are so yucky. that's all. oh, okay. maybe some more Lego. chartreuse and orange blocks only.

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