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October 26, 2006



I am dealing with October day by day. I can't believe October is almost done, and in 10 weeks I'll be a mother! Excited, yet scared. I guess it's normal. Glad to see (hear) you're alive. Miss you. FEEL BETTER to everyone sick in your family ;) Big Canadian hugs & get well kisses. xox


Feel better soon, all of you! And I hope Ben can relax...poor kiddo! So much stress on these little ones these days. And they've got a whole life time of it to look forward to. :} As for what I'm doing these days...trying to get ready for winter! There are certain things I *must do* every year so that I feel like I'm ready to settle in for the cold months ahead...most of them have to do with that cyclical clean/purge routine I go through a couple times a year. :::sigh::: If I don't get it done, maybe I can just BURN the stuff over the winter and keep warm! :}


You really wanna know? lol

Lainie--hope things get better for your lil guy in 3rd grade. He doesn't need that kind of stress at so young an age.


Hey there, I'm finally able to take a few minutes to myself. But of course by now it's so late I'm so totally exhausted so I'm not sure I'll get to update my blog anytime soon, LOL...anyhow, I'm really sorry to hear you've had a migraine this week. I hope you got to scrap tonight and got to feel a bit better. I hope your kids and hubby feel better soon too! And wow, 3rd grade is such an early age to be worried about stress :( I hope Ben can easily overcome that.
By the way, I did read the PP newsletter and noticed your upcoming classes....I signed up to one already!


sigh. I hear you. It's Halloween today and I still have two pumpkins to carve and a box of decorations I didn't put up. I love Halloween and this month just raced by. I just want to drink tea and read books but there is so much to do these days.

one step at a time, enjoy each moment, it all works out. my mantra of the moment.

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