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October 31, 2006


maria've got so much accomplished already! Wow. My to-do list has no end this week, LOL. Can't wait for Saturday :)


I moved into Christmas gift mode this week...making a 31-day perpetual calendar based on the advent calendar project in CK this month. I'm doing all the pages digi, though, and then will print them out and make the calendar itself. Such a cool project...I've been totally absorbed in it for the past two days! Pics at my blog if you want to check them out. :)

pam aries

Hi! I read the "just be nice" post! I agree with you! Last week I had a similiar experience! I actually put down the item I WAS going to purchase and walked out! Any wayyy... remember that you are a Much classier person than that rude sales/mgr/owner!!!!


There is a ton on my to do the question is what will get done LOL

I am almost finished socks for my dad. I started socks for my mom. I have at least 6 pairs of jammie bottoms to make. I want to do a child sock for my niece and the hockey booties for my nephew (to go with the team Canada jersey dh bought him for Christmas)I need to do socks for my mil and I will make my fil some jammie bottoms cause he wouldn't want socks. I want to make all the parents something this year.

Oh I could write a novel of what I want to accomplish....I need to get moving!!!


If I had to write down my to do list here, it would take up all of your blog page....ahhh! Why are the Holidays zipping up on us so fast?


woo hoo!! to-make list is never done, but what fun it is, though, right?

Autumn leaves deadline, I have 2 alphabetica journals to work in (both sent at once, I am not hourding LOL), another AL deadline, a sprit card for Trudy, a faux family album page, another AL deadline, a secret sister C-mas gift, a color blog SB page.


and the poncho is glorious I might add...

my to-do list is almost all about Christmas presents, I have four tote bags to make, a washcloth, pocket hand warmers, scrapbook pages... aaack. where will I find the time?! Luckily my husband is the spirit of Christmas around here and takes care of all the decorating so that is nice.

but I'm also doing the embroidered patch swap, and Amy's ATC Christmas ornament swaps. I'll work on those first!

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