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October 05, 2006



Lately, I am a snob to most acrylics - except for this one brand that is not soo bad for baby items (since babies spit up and you need items to be washable!) And I'm a complete snob when it comes to Fun fur. UCH. Oh - and I am a snob to chenille - can't stand the way it feels touching my hands. I won't knit with chenille - I think that's what it's called.


Too funny about the possum. I know the exist in abundance around our house, but other than seeing them dead along the road occasionally, I've never run into them too often. Until a couple weeks ago. I was downstairs at night, sitting in my office, and I heard this noise on the porch. I thought it might be the cat or that the dog got loose again (as he had earlier that day) so I went out to investigate. Turned on the porch light and looked out through the sliding glass doors to see a little possum wandering around. Really, I thought he looked quite cute (reminded me of the little girl possum in "Over the Hedge" LOL). I took a couple pictures of the little guy through the window, but I wanted to try and get one without the glare of glass, so I opened to door -- assuming he'd get scared and play dead -- but no, he just ran away. So much for the "play dead" thing. :}


I love to knit with anything and have great success with wire, curling ribbon and the like so I'm not much of a snob. I don't knit well enough to be picky. But I would love to try knitting a scarf with musk ox wool, it is so incredibly soft and being Canadian and all... here's a link...


Lainie, thank you SO MUCH! It was just such an amazing day. I can't wait for our next class together ;)


What are your favorite colors? What colors won't you wear?

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