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October 05, 2006



Yeah, I won't be doing any dieting (pregnancy!) but.... I will make the effort to attend not only prenatal aqua but the deep-end aqua that I'm allowed to always - until my membership runs out at the end of November. I will stick to it! Glad you're home, I'm giving you big kicks in the buttox for leaving your camera at home - SILLY GIRL - but glad you bought disposables..... at least you can get some pix out of that!

Sue Shelton

Hi Lain -- I'm one of your Alphabetica buddies. I just wanted to wish you good luck on your health goals. I used to be horrible with butter, and didn't think I could eat bread without it. I changed lots of health habits almost two years ago, and giving up butter was one of the ones that I thought would be the hardest. I can honestly tell you that is was easier than I thought-I really don't miss it. Maybe it is just one of those things we get used to. (I'm still failing pretty regularly on the water though.)

Anyway-best of luck to you! Sue


Once I get home from Florida next week, I'm going to be getting back on SOME kind of healthier routine. I'll tell you what, my body is SCREAMING at me right now...been gone nearly 6 days, eating totally off schedule, eating things I never normally eat, not getting enough water because the tap water down here tastes really crappy and I just finally had a chance to stock up on bottled water today...and while I'm supposed to be here helping my mom and her hubby get moved into their new house, it has resulted in a lot of "hurry and wait" time and I feel so darned lethargic! Got to take a walk on the beach today and it felt so GOOD! :)


ummm, well... maybe! I'll do the water and the butter thing. are lattes a carb? that concerns me. oh, okay.

I'm in.


After gaining 3 pounds on my cruise vacation, I'm actually thinking of joining Weight Watchers. My step-daughter just joined & I've got at least 25 pounds to lose before our Hawaii vacation in April. AHHHH!

Good luck with no butter on your bread. I think I'd rather cut out eating bread!

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