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August 30, 2006



Don't count me in for the drawing, lord knows I don't need more stuff :)

I don't remember the first day, but my earliest memory of school is being in Kindergarten and learning to sing "The Candyman Can" (Sammy Davis Jr.) for a little production we were doing. The person whose (who's?) house we were at had an "old-fasioned" popcorn maker (the big red and white striped one on wheels) and I thought that day was just about as cool as going to the circus.
xoxo, t


My mom walked me to kindergarten on the first day. I honestly expected it to be a little green house with a bunch of gardening kiddos! I dont think I was disappointed because I was so distracted by all the neat-o areas set up in what seemed like a room the size of a basketball court!


I remember my first kindergarten day...I fell in love with crayons and their smell! I love them to this date.

Very cute picture of you!


I don't remember my first day of school but I do have some very distinct memories of kindergarten. I remember our large red pencils were kept in a 24 count egg tray, each pencil poked in one of the upright sections. We called this Penncil-vania which, to a little kid growing up in the middle of the Saskatchewan prairie, was both hilarious and somewhat exotic. And I remember loving my teacher. Don't we all?


I'll never forget my first day of school. I was enrolled at "The Kindergarten" & my teacher was Mrs. Wadsworth (who unfortunately passed away 2 years ago). The school was in the old downtown part of our city & was a converted old house. I can picture it all like it was yesterday, but the most fascinating thing to me at the time was the bathroom that had two doors. One doorway was from the girls toy room & the other doorway was from the boys toy room. I thought this was very well planned. Now that I'm older, I know that it was a Jack & Jill bathroom. Isn't it ironic though that my current home has one of these?


I am #6 in the line up of 7 children in my family. On my first day of first grade, my mom put my older sister in charge of escorting me to my classroom. Mom dropped us off in front of the building, and dear sister-o-mine, who I'm sure was caught up in her own third grade excitement, abandoned me on the front of the school steps. I was small-even smaller than most first graders, and I lost sight of her immediatly. I remember standing there, unable to move, and crying my eyes out until.....Mrs. Hooper, the mom of a girl I would go all through school with, took me by the hand and let me in. What trauma!!


On my first day of school, I rode the "big bus" from the house. I have many memories of the felt bus tag that I had to wear. I remember my bus driver was Mrs. King (she died of cancer) and also my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Linda Maytis. My teacher loved chocolate, we took naps (I liked to sleep under the tables). I wore a lot of pinafores, and BOOTS (yes, with the dresses). We had Mrs. Walsh for Art and Sister Anita for religion. I went to a little catholic school until 5th grade when we moved to Europe. Tons of memories...ahhhh...the memories. I went to kindergarten in 1979.


Seeing the picture of you reminds me of my school pictures. I think every single school picture taken in elementary school featured me with a fever blister. Ugh! At one time my parents had those pictures hanging in the hall in chronological order. Oh the torture!


I LOVE contests!!
I went to the same elementary, junior high and high school that my dad did in Silverdale, WA - makes for some great stories!! I don't exactly recall my very first day of kindergarten, but I do remember my room, the school, and several art projects that we did that year. I also remember that on picture day I insisted on wearing one of my Aunt Joan's old school uniforms - I think it was a burgundy and khakish plaid (probably circa 1960) and boy did I look AWESOME! :):) I started kindergarten in 1978 and I sported lots of fab bell bottoms that year:)


On my first day of K---We lived in germany because my dad was in the military. I had to get up early so my dad could take me (on his way to work) to stay with some friends who lived on post,and I could catch the bus with their kids.

I had to take a bus through several German towns on the way to the American school. It was very tramatic for me!

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