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August 27, 2006



I don't even bother hiding mine. I figure if I can see it I am more apt to use it. If he can see it then he can't say I am secretly hiding things from him. I have been trying to use up my stash, too. I just wish I would have boughten more of certain yarns as I never have enough for the project I want to do.

Seam the sweater! Do it this weekend, you will feel better and your husband will get over it. :)


Oh my - my hubby sees how much yarn I own, but doesn't say a word... because he in return owns an entire Star Wars Episode III Figurine collection and also hockey trading card collection.... so...... I dont say nothing and he don't say nothing! Does your hubby collect ANYTHING??

Casey Rivas

Hey you! Thought i'd disappeared, i bet! not quite... just been crazy around here and it sounds like it's the same way with you! FUNNY entry on the yarn... i don't think ANY of them have a clue as to how we are. Poor things. :) ANYWHO.. i need to get your address again... got somethin to send out your way. How are your classes going, btw? I miss the bay area, as fun as it is down here. :) I still don't know when i'm heading back up north to visit, but i hope soon. Hmm.. i just remembered i think i have your address from the flip flop email. Well, hope you're doing well and i'll talk to you soon. :) <3 Casey


I don't hide my "extensive"yarn stash as DH buys up big on camera equipment.

As long as he doesn't complain about my stash I won't complain about his camera gear.

Ha, ha, ha.



So funny. DH is also unaware of my real scrapbook stash...funny thing, I know he never reads my blog, be just in case I usually try to avoid ths stash talk...hee hee.


my hubby doesn't read mine either - and although he can occasionally see it when he walks into my workroom, he tries not to look. I've finally finished some of the needle cases, but amn't going to put them into Etsy just yet, as a LYS owner is thinking about carrying them.
and this week I'm giving away some goodies as part of my blog anniversary. Quiz is up.


LOL! "As far as bear is concerned..."
I'm right there with you. DJ thinks my stashes are out of control (I admit, they are) but even in his generous estimation it is probably 1/3 what I REALLY have squirrled away. Does he know that EACH drawer (of my 40+ drawers) can hold FIVE HUNDRED sheets of paper? That I easily have 500+ balls of yarn? Or perhaps 200 yards of fabric? That at LAST count I had over 700 craft books and mazines? See why I am posting this HERE instead of on my blog? LOL, I promise to complete 10 projects (of any kind) before I buy anything else craft realted (adhesive and thread excluded.) pinky swear!
xoxo, t


Oh gees, I forgot camera stuff too...damn, I have a problem :)


DH reads my blog so there's no hiding anything! He hasn't made any comments however that my stash is out of control -- because it's not.....yet. I have definite plans to slowly increase my stash though & I just hope he never notices it (since I'll try to keep it organized (& hidden)!

Good luck on all your projects!! At least you have a goal, right?


OMGosh--you are so funny. YOu and my mom...except her stash is fabric! You should SEE her sewing room. I'm afraid her shelves will topple down and crush me!


stash? what stash? oh you mean that stuff overflowing in the garage/craft room? honestly, it is out of control, but having a craft supply "habit" is far less expensive than buying outdoor and electronics gear so my husband doesn't say a thing. he used to put my craft purchases under pre-paid alimony in our budget but after his boat purchase it all kind of evened out... silly boy.


oh the crafts we lie to them about! Good thing he doesn't know about the cute stock boy at Hobby Lobby! Then he'd worry!


I am working on my first-ever pair of arglye socks. They're a little rough around the edges, but I don't know if a non-knitter would notice. My back-and-forth stockinette is zigzaggy and my in-the-round stockinette is fine, that is to say straight up and down. I'm using Irish cottage knitting technique, so maybe that's it?


You know, it might be a small shawl. I have found some shawl patterns, same shape as the bkuats, but a little harder to keep my brain on it's toes. Plus it uses a circular needle which is nice for ttc rides, keeps me from accidentally stabbing people with needles. Accidentally. Heh.

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