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July 20, 2006



Miss you! Can't wait to see pictures! Have a good rest of your trip!


You do realize that you're only seeing Crocs everywhere because you dislike them so much.

Even though the Venti's are smaller & pricer, aren't you SOOOOO grateful for having a Starbucks by you? I am!

I'm getting VERY excited to see those photos!


So jealous! :) Glad you are having a great time. It's a beautiful place!


it sounds wonderful!!
Funny on the venti - I never thought about the names except that I thought it ridiculous to name the "small" a "tall"?? LOL

LOVE your descrip: bikini bottom and fine coat of sand, I can picture it with those little brown buns and impish grins! Love kiddos at the beach!
and of course, saving the best for last: CROCS ROC! LOL, I TOLD you feet+water=crocs!
xoxo, t


So good to hear about your adventures....makes me want to go on vacation soon! Well, in only about three more weeks I will, LOL.


Hi mean Aloha! sounds like you are having a good time! speaking of green tea...have you ever had green tea soy ice cream? It is delish! I jusy had some. Do a hula!!!!Pam!


Mahalo Laine!


Glad you're having fun...altho I, too, am about ready to get back to reality.

That SUX about the venti sizing issues...that'd be a BIG problem for me! ha!

Can't wait to see your thoughts on Crocs...I've got a pair, but truly, can't figure out what all the hub-bub is over!!

cheryl wray

Ooh, sounds like you are having a great time! I don't think I could ever take the Hawaii view for granted!! I want to go someday!!

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