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July 25, 2006



How funny that you are lamenting about throwing out Alaskan salmon & tater tots in the same sentence! Tater tots are cheap to replace, but that Alaskan salmon -- cha ching!

What do you mean I have to wait for photos? Wait? What's that?

Oh great, now you're going to make me try & figure out how to link to your page from mine? AHHHH! I'm not talented at this stuff yet.


We've been linked for ages dahling. (Dont put me in the contest, I am so ungrateful that I dont even do proper thak you posts...aha! SOmething to do tonight!)

So glad you are back safe and sound, bummer about the food though!


I've linked you some days ago, when I updated my "Alphabetica" links. Does that count?? :)
Take care!
Elisa in Italy


Yes, I hear ya.....this heat has been unbelievable! And it was even hotten in my some point in the day it got to be around 115 degrees (it felt even hotter)...I thought I was in Vegas...


I loved the pics! I can't wait to hear the story behing them all. :)


Love the pic of the kids in their own colour crocs :)


So happy you had a grand time in Hawaii. So sad you had problems when you arived home. So happy to have already linked you to my blog:)

Secret Pal

Oh yuck! What a horrid waste of food! I'll add to the posse, but not quite yet :)

erin yamabe

hi lainie!

welcome home! sorry to hear about you having to come home to no power though! i'll be adding you on my blog roll, and would love if you did the same!



welcome back, wahine! that would suck so bad, coming home to no elec when its this hot everywhere! glad you survived. sorry for the no caps (know how you love that) but am still in vegas on hubby's laptop, on which i hate typing. i'm off to check out your hawaii pics, like saving dessert for last!
xoxo, t


I just had to add your link to my blog, in fact twice! Once on my favorite blog list and once under my swaps list. I'm sorry to hear about your rough return home, the heat has been nasty here too. We're mole people, the sun is blindingly hot. We like our rainy days!

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