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July 14, 2006



haha--nothing fun. just WORK, to be honest. taking little breaks till i'm off my next big project in 5 days.


Hey darling! When I was in photo school I was super strick when it came to my photos. From 1998-2005 I have every album in order chronologically with my photos. I must have over 40 photo albums from that span of 98-2005. Since 2005 I've stopped taking sooo many photos, but still when I print up, I put them right away in an album. Anyhow, I am a neat freak when it comes to my photos! LOL.... it's the one thing I cherish most. I've slowly been printing photos from my childhood, and I want to scrapbook them. I have them all in a pile, and have a scrapbook for them, just haven't done anything yet. Maybe after I graduate & before the baby is born. If I don't do it then, after the baby comes, it won't ever get done! LOL.... Right? Right! I am sooooo jealous of your trip to Hawaii! Send a postcard please! How long are you gone for??? Sorry this is a long comment! Have a fun trip, and take in some sun for me! Take lots of pics! ps- did you get my package yet????


Pretty much it's been all work no fun lately for me. Can't wait fot this weekend and hopefully a couple of all-nighters and scrap all night! :)


Girl, you are sounding FULL of life! I love it! Whee o! Have fun in Maui ! Pam


How do you like Stacy's class? I so wanted to take it, but it was filled before I got to go and try to register. I loved the concept from reading her book, and would really like to know more. I've always been a chronological scrapper, and I'm so tired of it. It doesn't suit me anymore. I know I could just wing the whole process on my own, but I'd love to know how Stacy does it first, since she's got a system, and then tweak it to suit my needs. I sure hope they offer it again soon!


So glad to hear about your expanding writing assignments. When you have a moment and can talk, I'd love to ask your thoughts on someting related to all this. So let's chat sometime okay? Either via phone or I can try to figure out this instant PC stuff....whatever works for you!Happy trip to Hawaii and I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad for you!

erin yamabe

ok, do you just love ali edwards? she is one of the BEST people i know, and unbelievably creative, too!

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