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February 21, 2006



Ack...I tried to start our taxes two weekends ago only to find that I do not have on hand one rather important 1099 form. I am *not* a particularly organized person, but I'm rather religious about putting all tax-related mail in ONE SPOT every year as it comes in so that I have it when I need it. And I did that this year, too. Only we got a KITTEN this year, right around the same time the tax forms started coming in, and for some reason, the kitten decided she liked that tax form spot in my office, and she'd sit on the stack of envelopes, and I'd look at her and think "How CUTE!" until one day I noticed that she managed to knock one of them down right next to the wastebasket below. ACK! Moved the pile of envelopes real fast and prayed none had already fallen INTO the basket without me noticing. :::sigh::: Still hoping to find the missing one around somewhere, lest I have to make a call and ask for a duplicate....


mine is
very similiar
to yours...
i hate reciepts.


YUCK! Taxes....bleck. It will feel good to get it off your tax list. I have to do paperwork and call parents with bad reports about their children, and I would rather not. I abhor this task (the calling with the bad news).

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