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February 25, 2006



Hey, I just checked out your FO for 2006! You've already got quite a little stash of them! Good for you! LOVE the socks (no, I still haven't done one, and honestly probably won't.) But I did try the one long circ thing a couple years ago and thought it was perfectly ingenious. Would have to practice to get the hang of it again... (and find my super long circs.)
ANYWHO...also got Maggies "Knitting in Plain English" AND her "Crocheting in plain English" based on your mention a few weeks ago. Now seeing the finished baby sweater I'm glad I did! Looks great! I just finished this:
Filled it with beans instead of fiberfill and made it of much larger Lamb's Pride Bulky. Came out cute. Of course, I didn't take a pic before I gave it away, you'll have to trust me!
hugs, t


OK, that link didn't work, try this one: go to and click on the "Slow Poke" turtles.


Ok - I would have called the police too.

Poor Ben - I am STILL traumatized over my 2nd grade spelling bee - it came down to me and one other person and I spelled POISON wrong. still ticks me off. LOL. Sounds like you handled it perfectly.

Oh - and you've been tagged dahling. Check my blog!


You were right to call the police! I live in a small town and most people look out for one another. I was walking home from the library with my children one day and noticed my neighbors' front door was open as I walked by. No vehicles in sight, and while the glass door was closed, the main wood door inside was open. I sent the girls on home (right next door) and knocked on my neighbor's door. There was no answer, and while I almost thought to go inside to make sure noone was laying on the floor hurt or passed out, I thought twice about it this time since I was home alone with the children. Then my second thought was it might be a robbery, and I certainly didn't want to walk in on it! So I went home, got my cordless phone, walked back outside so I could see my neighbor's front door, and called the police. They were there in literally a minute! It turned out to be nothing, and later was decided that the hubby just walked out of the house to drive to the store or wherever and forgot to shut the door! This was not normal for him to do. My neighbor's were very appreciative of me calling the police to be sure, though.

We all have to look out for one another. Like you said, not only for the children playing in the neighborhood but also for the young ones you were calling the police on. If noone stops suspicious activity in the beginning, in no time it will grow and fester into a bigger, much harder to solve, problem.

I'm so sorry to hear about your son's spelling bee situation. I think you and his dad handled it just right, though. :)

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