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February 13, 2006



I do not have the answers, but I do share your struggle. I think it is related to our desire to connect with put something out there and wait for feedback. Good or bad, it's a connection. Maybe it's not the healthiest way to connect, but I think maybe that's part of why we do it. This is one of those things about myself that I'm trying to become more conscious of and, before putting something out there for others to see, I'm trying to ask myself, "Do I really NEED to share this with the world or is it ok for it to just be for ME?" It doesn't always change what I end up doing, but I feel like at least asking the question first and considering the answer is a good step to take.


Maybe it's just today's holiday that's influencing my thoughts here, but I think it stems some from the inner core of us to love and be loved. One way we "feel love" is to receive affirmation from other people. Who doesn't feel great getting compliments and rave reviews- about anything we do or accomplish in life. Even though it doesn't determine our worth, it sure helps to feed it and build up our self-image and character. The part you need to be concerned about, I think, is if this is the primary way for you to get your "love". I'm sure you get love from your family around you...but I find that people- even people that love me like crazy- can let me down at times. There is only one being in my life who has never let me down and I find when He is the primary source of my love, truth and self-worth- then I don't really need to go searching anywhere else for that. All the kindness and "gush" from others is just icing on the cake that I already have from the only One whose opinion matters to me! I hope this makes sense to you- I guess this may be a bit over-the-top and not even in line with what you were talking about- but I hope it is true in your life. That you know wholeness and joy and fulfillment simply because God is real to you. I truly believe this is the only sure way to ever fully experience love and acceptance- in the purest form it was designed- from One who will never let us down or run out of love for us. Happy Valentine's Day and just so you know- you have more in life to feel good about yourself for- for all time, I think! Your creativity and design and art are inspiring! And thanks for sharing!!

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