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February 22, 2006



Spellbound was good. How do we know "what number comment on your blog" we are? LOL... (I never win a prize so I bet it's not me).


Oh! I can can't wait for the stitch marker swap to start! PEOPLE EMAIL HER YOUR MAILING ADDRESS!


I was just wondering how we would know which number comment we are. Of course, you'll want to keep that a secret so we don't start sending in one word comments to bump up the total to the magic number. Heh.

That would be evil. I just think of this stuff, I never execute it. :P


good for him to get that far!
i haven't seen that movie yet
but i would like too


LOL gimme gimme gimme free stuff!!

crossing my fingers for Ben!!

is 66 normal for this time of year where you live? or is it wamrmer and therefore a good thing? :)


Good luck to Ben! I hope that he does well. Just being there is such a GREAT thing! You must be very proud!


and the balancing act only gets more precarious - until you are on the highwire as htey are tackling their finals senior year in college.
Deep breath - right now relish your ability to breathe

sharon wisely

Happy to see and hear you are feeling better!

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