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September 27, 2005


Nancy Littlefield

You're right on it ... I think many of us buy with thoughts of creating life we dream of, or think we should be leading. Our modern, ever-present media feeds this basic (and not particularly new) human trait to acquire. We’re surrounded by images of “the good life” and ours, of course, is always lacking. Still, I can have this meta-cognition, but that doesn’t stop me from coveting shiny pebbles.

You asked me on the KR forum about my camera… I have a Canon Rebel Digital SLR. My favorite setting for photographing yarn is the AR setting on the manual side of the dial. That opens the aperture so you can use only natural light.


Hey Lainie,
Want to develop one of those pact thingys about buy no more yarn?
you and me both darlin' ... I've been on a buying spree that makes me cringe. And today I bought some Inca Alpaca to start that Irlandais pattern that;s written in French! not that I didn't have yarn in my stash, but because I went to a LYS that I'd never been to, it is the IT place for yarn here in St Louis and i'd never been there. Well, since I'd just decided to make this sweater, and I fell in love with the purple Inca Alpaca, and I had the directions (written in French of course - with no meter or yardage requirements ) I had to buy it. Don't you see?
I need help, so, wanna make one of those pact things?


I think that this is a problem with creative people, especially those of us who need things to create, like yarn or beads or stamps or whatever your particular poison happens to be. I have tons of yarn (and beads and stamps and so on) that would take me forever to get around to, and yet I still buy more, or get excited when someone gives me new yarn. I justify this with the thought that sometimes it's 10 p.m. and I want to make something new, and stores aren't open then. If I didn't have a stash, I wouldn't be able to start my new project, so the stash is a Good Thing.

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