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September 21, 2005



Hi Lain,
I have been following your thread on Kitting Arts in KR and I am really happy that the problem has been resolved. I am also a customer of Knitting Arts, though I'm sure I didn't spend as much as you did ... but I have nothing but good things to say about that shop. The staff there always offer to help when I am in the shop, but if I tell them that I am just browsing and not looking for anything in particular (which is usually the case), they would just leave me alone and not bother me again. I always feel good looking around in that shop, even if I don't buy anything. Different customers have different expectations of the service they receive from a shop ... maybe the staff there still have to figure out how to adjust to various customers. But anyway, it's good now that you still have one good LYS like Knitting Arts to go to.
Happy Knitting.


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