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September 14, 2005



Lain, you need to let them know, then whatever they choose to do about it, reflect on how they appear to customers, is their own decision. Making it as an independent in retail these days is HARD, and stores don't need any negative publicity. Maybe they don't realize they aren't warm and fuzzy to everyone who walks in the door.
Love your stash darlin'


Hi gal/fellow KR-er,
Sorry to hear of your experience with one of your LYS. I have one similar to that as well (across the country). For me, I was able to find other LYS that filled the needs, and purchased minimally from that other LYS.

I really like your blog. I need to go work on mine now.

Jan Hurwitz

Dear Lain:
I am the owner of Knitting Arts. I read your blog and your posting on KR. I feel very badly about your experiences at my shop - with our staff, and apparently myself. I have tried to hire a very knowledgeable and helpful staff - those who are experienced in knitting and crochet. We do have several employees who work mainly as cashiers on the weekend who do not have knitting experience, but I do my best to ensure that they have positive customer service attitudes and find someone who can help.
I must admit that moms with children can be a challenge at times in our shop. I have a very active, 9 year-old boy with special needs, so I am very aware that it is not always possible to have great behavior when you are in a store with your kids. But it sounds like yours don't really fit into that category (lucky you!). I try to be as engaging with the kids in my shop as the moms - sometimes I've been on my feet all day and I guess the energy just goes. We held a kids knitting camp this summer and the store was filled with kids and their projects. We even held a fashion show when they were through.
Anyway - I don't mean to be making excuses for how you were treated - I feel badly that it happened (and not just once). I will make my entire staff aware of what you experienced (anonymously of course) at our next store meeting. I always make it a point to discuss customer service issues when we meet, and work together to see how we can do our jobs better.
When I opened my shop 2 years ago, one of my major goals was, and still is, to create a pleasurable haven for knitters/crocheters where they can come to be inspired, meet others, and get great customer service. I hope you will give us another chance. Please email me at [email protected] along with your postal address. I would like to send you a gift certificate as an apology for your negative experiences, and as a thank you for your business. If you don't want to come back I understand - you can pass the gift certificate on to a friend.

Best Regards,
Jan Hurwitz, Owner
Knitting Arts

knit and purl grrl

Dear Jan-
I think you have just earned a loyal customer for life. I truly appreciate your willingness to respond to my concerns and address them. No gift certificate is necessary - just the fact that you were open to my experiences says a lot to me.
Thank you, thank you. I'll email you at the address you provided, too.

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