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    Wonderful LO, Lain! It's so great to see you scrapping again... although I have NO IDEA where you find the time. ;)

    Love all your layouts. I see that you make all different size pages. How do you store them? Do you have albums for each of your children or just a family one? My Grandson and his parents had H1N1 back in October and it was not a pretty picture for a good month in their household.

    Just love those LOs! And what a great idea to take a pic of the queue for the H1N1 shots!

    Love what you did. I got my kit today (my hubby picked it up for me since I'm local) ... I wasn't fond of the black glitter paper and thought what will I ever do with that. But seeing what you did by punching circles gives me ideas. Thanks for sharing!

    Cool kit! I love your little stitched squares on the bottom card!

    What a good looking kit! I love your notebook - it's so cool!

    Very Creative Lain - I enjoy your insight when creating layouts for the kids.

    so - may be after dinner - I'll create a few of my own!


    You sure know how to show this kit off, girl. Love your layouts and projects. Gorgeous.

    And I am cracking up at the H1N1 layout. So funny to see that after all the hysteria I had to deal with from family members who urged us to prepare for months and months of quarantine in our home. Ay-yay-yay.

    You know, may have been all those lines for vaccines that is the reason it became such a non-issue. Not that I actually expected it to be as bad as some of the hysteria. But we have to give credit to how proactive we got about preventing its spread! Yay for that!

    Love your stuff, Lain! :)

    Love the layouts Lain, but as one who spent the entire month of November dealing with a case of H1N1 and its aftermath--well, be grateful all you had to do was stand in line!

    I need to go check out that kit.

    so Lovely...♥♥♥

    Hi, I am a new subscriber ♥

    Would love to see the tutorial for the black/red/white notebook with tabs *or did I not see it* ?

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