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    I bought it... I like it a lot!

    I bought it too! It's great! and just in time to try out tips and tricks for LOAD. I've yet to finish a LOAD (i've come SOCLOSE) but this time I WILL finish! and with better pics ;)

    I HIGHLY recommen this book!

    hi friend...when is the next LOAD??? I kinda wanna play..

    Bought mine last week! Needed insights on a group photo shoot. Helped a lot in planning but then the shoot fell through--rescheduling for better weather.

    Sorry, what am I missing? What book is it, I cant see it or a link! Its driving me insane looking! I am all booked in for my first LOAD, am a bit nervous actually!!

    Ooh I want one too! Plus the sketches book as well

    All the best for May LOAD - sorry I won't be with you this time but hope you all have a great tiem!

    What'd you think of the eBook?! I finally had a chance to read it cover to cover last night, and I loved it. The suggestions for duos, trios and large groups were perfect. So many things I've never thought of before!

    It's the third day of May, and I'm missing you and the LOAD regulars like crazy. I wish I had time to play this month. *sigh* I hope you're having fun. :)

    Thanks for the shout out! Hope the tips help you as much as they helped me. These ladies are amazing.

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