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    This is beautiful post. When we take the time to experience something for the first time through a child's eyes, it can be the first time for us as well.


    Wow, Lain, this is a) exactly what I needed to read and b) great writing and c) totally true! Totally right on! I read Devotion that you gave me on the plane and this is post is better than the book, for me.

    I cannot even begin to tell you how much I needed to read about your lesson today. I'm crying! It's about time I met myself where I am instead of waiting for things to be perfect! Thank you ever so much! xoxo

    Beautiful! Thanks for the reminder to focus on the moment.

    Beautiful. Exactly right.

    YES! It's such a wonderful word. Love the entry, Lain. Lots of lessons on the way to preschool.

    A great post -- thanks for sharing this story. I am really going to try to be more of a "yes" Mom to my sweet five-and-three-quarters girl, saying yes to more experiences, before I am no longer in her top two choices for playmates.


    Simply beautiful ... thanks for sharing!

    Terrific life lesson.

    I love entries like this, beautifully written, beautifully expressed. It's funny how so many of us have the same a-ha moments at relatively the same time, all across the world. I had a similar experience with a pair of swimming goggles and my son's homework. I've been really thinking about my answers lately, looking for reasons to say yes, even if it's not the perfect circumstance or even if it involves lots of clean up.

    Oh, and thanks for the Labyrinth link!

    I love your story, Lain. I'm glad you got to share that experience with her. It's like that video posted on the Happiness Project blog, "The Years are Short."


    Very lovely post. Thank you.

    (Visiting through the 30-Minute Challenge)

    Wow Lain. This is beautiful.

    Yay, I'm so happy you chose to take the walk. And you see... it was life-changing, transformative and special... maybe just not on the grand scale you imagined it might be :o)

    Great post - sometimes it is just right to do something with someone else even if they are short!!! Beautiful post!

    Awesome post! Miss you already :(

    Your writing gives me goosebumps! I want to write like you! Thanks for the great reminder to live in the moment though and to let go - something I need to do more of

    Wasn't finally getting into the labyrinth like starting a family? You plan for and dream of the perfect time to bring a child into the world...and before you know it you're a new mother with bills to pay and mouths to feed. There was no perfect time because there was no wrong time. It was good and it was meant to be, no matter what else was going on in our worlds.

    Thanks for a beautiful post, Lain-


    Wonderful post. I am similarly ambivalent about Labyrinths. I want to like them. Sometimes I like them. I probably like their symbolism more than their reality... and I liked your story better than walking it myself.

    and thanks for visiting my post about Katrina.

    following up on my previous post. this is as close as I get to labyrinths...and the next image.

    thanks again for your advice.


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