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    Two thumbs up!

    By May I'll probably be recovered from Feb 2010 LOAD and will need the fillip to get scrapping again!

    Yeah, sounds so fun! Glad you are expanding this, I know it has been alot of fun for everyone! p.s. nice'do (saw your FB pic ; ))

    I can't wait for May LOAD too .. and hopefully I won't get sick half way through! And maybe by May I'll have actually finished my project 365 from last year!

    I'm so ready! Are you sure it isn't May yet?

    Awesome, Lain! I canNOT wait. :D

    Woohoo!!! Can't wait either!!! And you're right, the LOADster group is soooo supportive! :)

    Wow - another great thing you've created here Lain! I did Load last Feb, and May (but I fizzled in May!) - couldn't do this Feb, but want to do May - am I considered an alum??! I'll keep checking!

    May is my favourite month of all!! Can't wait!

    That sounds great! Alums from last May for the priority registration? Please??

    waiting. waiting. waiting.

    my flickr name is @atthebluebarn
    i just added you as contact and friend. .
    hope this helps. . .

    Yes, but will there be more Hugh??? ;)

    Can't wait! I'm marking my calendar for April 1 so I can sign up!

    Five reasons I'm excited....

    1) Motivates me to get my scrap area all nice and fixed up again-I litterally can't get to my desk!

    2) I get to hang with some of the nicest people!

    3) I get to see hundreds of wonderful and lovely pages to gain inspiration from.

    4) There are some great tutorials and I always learn something new.

    5) I wander outside my comfort zone and try new things!

    You are the best thing to my scrapping world. Thanks Lain

    I've already registered and CAN'T WAIT!!

    I caught wind of this (and you, having just read your fun book!) in February, but was too late. I want to play in May! :)

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