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    Funnn! Off to wonder.... ty!

    Aren't you so sweet! I'm looking forward to exploring your blog further...ideally not at the end of a long day like this one!

    This was one of the first times I followed all the links in your podcast. These were great blogs, and I especially liked following the Free discussion on the Craftypod site. Thanks for sharing!

    Can't wait to take a look at all of these blogs. Thanks.


    bookmarked them.



    Oh thank you for sharing these! They are all so fun!

    Though really, I didn't need anymore distractions right now!

    Thank you for adding me to this great list of blogs. I'm really flattered!
    I've gotta go check them {and yours} out now. Thanks again!

    Just got back from "Dreamland" - you weren't kidding about the awesome quotes!

    Some cool blogs to explore - thanks for sharing!

    thanks to you I now have a "food" folder in my faves........NOT good for my weight loss attempts you said "a girls gotta eat!" dessert tacos here I come! (great links thanks!)

    You put me onto crafty pod a few years ago when you were interviewed by Sister Diane!

    NO! Not more bloggy eyecandy! What am I to do? Do you have an extra hour or two to give out in a giveaway this week? I'd love that as I hardly have the time to read what I'm supposed to be reading!!! LOL

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