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    Of course I've scraplifted. I use it as a starting point and make it my own. If anyone scraplifted from me I would be flattered and frankly surprised! If I did not want a LO copied I would keep it private and not publish.

    I scraplift all the time - consciously or not. Really, there are only so many ways to arrange three 4x6's on a page! Sometimes I see a layout I want to lift, then wait for the right photos and stories to move the the front of my brain. Lately I've been more task-oriented and go in search of the perfect arrangement for a dozen birthday photos...because these bad boys need a home in my son's album. Either way works. If I had to be truly original all the time, my head would explode and all these great photos would languish on my hard drive. Yay scraplifting!

    WOW! look at the comments roll.... go Lain! Who knew scraplifting was so "controversial"! lol

    I am a lifter and I love to lift.

    I work like this, it's rather stream of consciousness, mind you...

    I'm sitting around doing nothing, pick up a magazine or sift through my "faves" on picasa or flickr... ooo, there's a fun LO that is inspiring me. Hey, I have some fun photos that would work great with that design OR I totally want to find some photos that work with that and I know just where to look... it goes something like that.

    I take scraplifting as SPARK. It sparks my creativity to get scrapping and get those pages done! I will always be a lifter at heart and I am not ashamed! GO and LIFT a LAYOUT!

    Most of my layouts are scraplifts, and I have no qualms about that. I am not trying to get published, or be on a design team, or win anything. I scrap for ME (and my mental health lol).

    I always give credit to the original layout (if I post the page online) and try to contact the creator to let them know I've scraplifted them.

    What I really like is when the original creator/scrapper/designer leaves a note on my blogpost where I've shared the scraplifted layout! That makes my day.

    Are you kidding? I think I am the queen of scraplift. Isn't using an ad as a basis for a layout a lift? Sure it is, but I make it mine with different choices. Unless I do everything exactly the same, it's not stealing, it's inspiration.

    It works!! It may NOT be a complete scraplift, but for me, it definitely enables me to get some inspiration from what I've chosen as my "target" to lift . It might be something as small as an embellishment or as big as the photo placement and color scheme, but in the gets me going faster than if I just stared into space trying to come up with my own ideas. As a scrap instructor in my area, I also help a lot of people with their design process, so when I get into a rut for myself, I tend to talk to myself like I would if it were a friend or someone else making this layout. It's good enough for them, so it's absolutely good enough for me. I haven't tried lifting myself, yet, that might be an option and save me a lot of time surfing the web-hee,hee. And by the way, LOAD is awesome. You ladies are missing out if you don't just give it a about inspiration and support!!!

    I have scraplifted many times and have a couple of notebooks full of sketch ideas that help a lot! I've never been a 'perfectionist' and never will be one so when I get a layout complete, it stays complete. My suggestion to Jill is to back away from scrapbooking for a while and focus more on the reasons she originally was drawn to it. Maybe she'll rethink her views and relax a little bit.

    I scraplift. The funny thing, like some of the previous comments, my scraplift ends up...something different. Which works for me. I'll take inspiration wherever I can find it, especially if it sparks some bit of original creativity.

    I fight Perfectionism Tendencies every day. I get bogged down by the pressure of making the perfect choices. For me, though, scraplifting, removes that pressure. I see something that makes me take a second look. I take a note, make a sketch, then get to it as soon as I can.

    I scraplist ALL the time. I may not copy someone's work to the "T", but there is so much inspiration out there, how could you not scraplist (at least once and awhile).

    Lain- I have never scraplifted. I have seen LOs I do like and that inspire me, but I have not found that I have had that much scrapper's block yet I guess. :)

    I totally agree with you when you say that scrapping needs to be enjoyable. That is why I think I dropped out of the Oct and Feb LOADs. The one I did last May gave me inspiration and support....the other two I found I was constantly trying to up my ante and do better that I did last year. I ruined the experience both times myself. I did make the decision to forego any other LOADs until next I can have a good scrapping head on my shoulders again and can not only handle it, but I really want to support the girls like they supported me all the way through.

    I think if you are feeling overwhelmed by scrapping...take 2 steps back and reflect. You eventually will come home. :)

    I DO scraplift sometimes, but honestly: I don't think scraplifting is really the's the quest for perfection. Having too much is, in itself, about perfection: If I buy THIS supply, it will be the PERFECT one. The writer is, in my opinion, on the wrong quest. Overcoming roadblock? No...overcoming perfection.

    Yes, I scraplift----If I find a l/o in a magazine I simply tear it out and it goes in my "scraplift" file. If it's just the title I like---I'll write TITLE on it before filing it. If I find a l/o online---I print it out and file it.

    I love scraplifting and do it all the time. Often I just need a starting point. One of my favourite challenges ever was from a kit club MB and we had to randomly choose an idea book or magazine from our own bookshelves, then flick to 3 different pages, then choose an element from each page/LO to scraplift. It was really fun!

    I scraplift often! My mom and I do weekly challenges where we use sketches and pages from books and magazines as a jumping off point it is a huge help and we have a lot of fun seeing how different our layouts turn out even though we started from the same sketch or page.

    I always scraplift - whether it's a sketch or another layout. I am not very creative, but I LOVE LOVE to scrapbook, so scraplifting gets the juices going. Lots of times once I get going I can come up with some of my own designs. Julie

    I love being inspired and then using that inspiration that I've gathered from others on my own layouts. Sometimes it's the color, sometimes it's the design, sometimes it's the story. I grab something and go off and make it my own. I agree - you have to set limits about staying online and getting lost there!

    Oops I got myself mentioned here. Hi Lain! :)

    To set the record straight, I HAVE tried scraplifting. Many times in fact over my 9 year involvement. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not.

    I was just trying to make the point that scraplifting isn't necessarily for everybody. It's also not necessarily a catch-all solution for scrappers block either.

    Thanks for leaving your thoughts on my blog...and well I guess here too. ;)

    What is the point of all the sites and magazines if not to offer all that inspiration? To paraphrase: "Those who can, design. Those who can't, scraplift."

    When I'm doing work related projects, I try as much as possible to limit my outside (ok, maybe 2) element, trick, tip, object placement, color scheme, is all I need as a jumping off point, and the rest is all ME. (Which can be creatively *draining* when the rest of your brain is trying to handle the "business" part of the business at the same time.)

    For my personal scrapbooking, I am so thankful that the inspiration sites/mags exist! When I go away to a retreat or crop (where most of my scrapping gets done) I do exactly what you said and "put some rails on myself" and challenge myself to find scraplifts in 1 or 2 magazines and that's it. I get alot done that way!

    My kit club comes with ideas and sketches. They're there if you need them, but not mandatory. Customer feedback tells me that about 25% of subscribers follow them closely each month, 50% use bits and pieces for inspiration, and 25% do their own thing. I tell people that I cater to the creatively-timid and creatively-exhausted :)

    I think everyone has scraplifted in some form or another, whether they realize it or not. The placement, color scheme or techniques are used because the person got the idea from somewhere else. I've scraplifted from magazines - sometimes very close to the original and sometimes as just a jumpstart. I love using sketches, which is a form of scraplifting someone else's idea. I've even started posting my own sketches on my blog for others to enjoy. I'm sure my sketches look similar to others that are out there because nothing is truly original IMO.

    Hi Lain, Thanks for this great article! I linked to it in today's scrapbook news at :)

    I don't approach scraplifting the same way. I don't search for a LO, then lift it. It's usually that I happen to SEE a LO and know it would work for me for particular pics OR I just love it for it's color/theme/topic, etc. I have saved LO's on my computer (saving the scrapper's name & site in the file name) and I've used the "favorites" feature at MSA to save LOs that inspire me. So I would look through those 2 places, not all over.


    Thanks again, Irene!


    Lain Ehmann
    Life doesnt have to be perfect to
    be good.
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