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    I often try to scraplift but the end result is rarely recognizable as a match to the inspiration itself.

    I ask my sweetie to take a quick pic on his iPhone of LOs I want to lift. That way I can browse through that file *only* and as a bonus I don't get distracted organizing clipped pages (because we need the perfect, altered, alphabetized filing system for clippings, right?), reading the materials list etc. It's been terrific.

    The scrap-room has a daily favorites challenge where you lift something from your favorite LOs in the gallery "that has a big circle" or 'is blue". It's a neat way to reduce the options and still get the benefits of scraplifting.

    I have definitely scraplifted. Some layouts have been almost identical to the original and others have been variations. I've used advertisements to sraplift and ideas from everyday life.

    In fact, even when someone gets inspiration from somewhere, they are still "borrowing" that idea. So, really, when you get down to it, we are all in this together - borrowing, sharing and inspiring each other all the time.

    I love scraplifting as much needed kick in the pants! It can be the design, the topic, the use of photos, the photography, an element on any layout. Sometimes my layout turns out to resemble the original, sometimes not. I prefer the times it just kick starts my creativity and there is no resemblance at the end! I keep all of my inspiration in a folder on my desktop. I find if I make it too cumbersome, I avoid it and find something to distract me. Perfect doesn't exist in my world :)

    I am definitely a scraplifter. . .I typically showcase the original and then my version (on my blog)I suffer from all three of those above mentioned syndromes. . .I am trying to just create. . .be in the moment. . .free. . .but I'm so much more type-A/Accountant than that. . .but I'm trying - and scraplifting - or being inspired by someone else's work - helps.


    I love scraplifting! I have so little time (and rarely 'prime' time) for scrapping that I need a jumpstart if I want to get any pages finished! I'm working on being less 'literal' about it and hope to someday have little resemblance between mine and my inspiration.

    Scraplifting is a great jump start for me when I am feeling uninspired. It helps me save time when I don't want to sketch out my own design. It seems for a while there was a stigma attached to scraplifting, but there should really be no shame because, as our extremely talented mutual friend, Linda, said to me yesterday, there are very few truly original ideas; it's all in how well you recycle the old ones.

    Scraplifting doesn't solve all my scrappy problems, but it does rock. :)

    I agree with Lee and Libby--I get inspiration from other layouts--whether it's the topic, the use of a particular embellishment, the way things are placed on a page, etc. And I think we all do. I never really set out with the idea of "I'm going to scraplift this". Like I personally don't follow page sketches b/c I know I don't want to stress over what size my pictures are and how they relate to the sketch and my page. I certainly don't have time for that! I just get a basic idea and run with it in my own way. It sounds like the blogger you were responding to gets to caught up with following rules of how you're "supposed" to scraplift. I definitely agree that scrapping should be fun and a way to express your own creativity and stories. We should each focus on what works for us and not worry about what doesn't. Just focus on the positive, ya know? I'm just happy to get any scrapping done! :o)

    And I want to hear more about Flat Belly Diet.....

    Three cheers for scraplifting! It definitely helps clear the cobwebs. And then sometimes scraplifting results in only copying the location of the title, the strip of paper, etc.... one small aspect that stuck with me. Sometimes it's only a FONT or even a reminder to use such and such type of product.... like eyelets or brads or vellum.
    You are so brave to respond to that blog. Good for you!

    I prefer using page sketches over scraplifting a straight layout. But that's just for me -- I personally find it hard to see my own originality in a scraplifted page. Certainly there is nothing wrong with scraplifting. I've done it for challenges before, or in a class, but generally I am happiest doing my own thing. If inspiration doesn't strike, then I find something else to do.

    Good points!

    I've 'lifted' for a card design before when I had a challenge to rattle out quickly, it helped me stay focused. I always give credit and link back to original creation/author.
    I easily get distracted when viewing online but, that's my problem and I enjoy being diverted sometimes :) It's down to self discipline at the end of the day, when it really matters I can do self discipline... sometimes ;) I'm fairly new to scrapbooking so when I take the plunge, I'll probably refer to sketches or scraplift for inspiration. I'm all for it, bouncing ideas off of one another, you can get a sense of community spirit and get to meet new blog/craft buddies!

    I find that scraplifting is a great way to learn a new style or technique. One thing I like to do is take a kit and try to create the clusters that the designer has also designed with the kit. It really opens my eyes in new ways to use pieces. Another trick, is to take a LO and try to identify all of the pieces from the kits used to create it. Take a few of your favorite scrappers or designers and see what they can teach you.

    I scraplift all the time, either from magazines or specific websites. I wouldn't do a Google search for a layout because it would yield too many choices. But I find such gorgeous layouts on and a few other paper vendor sites that I like and go from there. I haven't developed my own style and I'm OK with it. I know what I like and I'm a very good copycat.

    Ha! I scraplift weekly. And even then it takes me hours to complete a single layout. In fact, I participate in a couple of scraplifting challenges each month at and do the weekly Pencil Lines sketchs.

    While reading Jill's post my immediate thought was that she doesn't actually want to scrapbook. Everyone can come up with a million excuses to not do something. But if it is something they truly want to do, they will find a way. Just because you feel that doing something is the "right" thing to do doesn't mean you should struggle to do it when your heart isn't in it. Sure, we all run into road blocks. It's how you handle them that shows your desires.

    Yes, I scraplift. Most of the time a scraplifted layout is just a place to start for me. Once I get going I usually take off in my own direction. Sometimes you just need a little push!

    Haha funny, I have that Flat Belly book on my shelf too and my belly is not getting flatter. Guess we should read it, huh!!

    I scraplift a bunch. Usually it's just a jumping-off point. And sometimes I take a layout I like, and sketch it out, to cut it down to just the design. That way I'm not distracted by color & pattern. But sometimes it's the color combo that I like. Or a certain embellishment. I can pick a good layout apart and get lots of inspiration for several layouts, & when you see my end results, you might not realize they all came from one original layout.

    :) Thanks for the mention & as you know, I HAPPEN TO LOVE SCRAPLIFTING!

    I often scraplift, but the end result never looks anything like what I was trying to lift!!! It just gets my juices flowing. Sometimes I will see something on a page that I had forgotten I in my stash and will pull it out and use it!!! It helps me to use up what I have before I go and buy more. I am one who likes to tear things out of magizines and file them. I will pull them out once every few weeks to see if I still want to use them and if not, I throw them away. I love to scrapbook!!!

    Scraplifting is a lifesaver. Not literally, but you know what I mean. :) There are times I wouldn't get any scrapping done if I didn't scraplift.

    All of my pages are scraplifted!

    I have a degree in Fine Art, so I spent a lot of years thinking that if I were really good, I wouldn't copy anything. Then I lived in Spain as an student and spent many, many hours in the Prado art museum. The galleries usually had at least one art student making as careful a copy of an old master painting that they could. I asked one of my instructors about this practice and he said that the best way to become a master yourself was to learn from the best, and one of the best ways to do that was to copy. I've done it myself and he was right. So don't feel guilty scraplifting, you are learning to be a master!

    I LOVE to scraplift. I do keep a binder, but I started to save images I find online during blog reading into folders but categories, to save paper.

    It seems to work well.

    Hi, My name is Ann and I'm a scraplifter.

    I scraplift because I'm not very creative when it comes to design. I have difficulties with placement on a page and what is going to look good. Following a sketch is scraplifting in my book. Someone designed the sketch for me to plug in my own pictures, the papers that I like, and the embellishments I want to use. It's like following a recipe. I can add a little of this or a little of that, take out something that I don't like, and substitute another "ingredient" if I want.

    Who makes a recipe from start, most people take one and modify it to meet their needs/likes/preferences.

    Same with scrapping. Unless you copy a layout item for item, including the subject of the pictures--it is your own.

    you know, i scraplift myself when i'm in a rut. it isn't that i think i'm all that...i just never want to steal anyone else' work, scraplifted or otherwise. does that make sense? it helps me, at least i think so:) LOL

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