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    Hooray for Science Fairs! I sincerely agree on letting the kids do it themselves. It took a lot of self control to let my daughter make mistakes on her experiment, but that's what made the whole popcorn theme exciting. I would never have picked her topic (Which brand of popcorn leaves the least unpopped kernels?) but she was thrilled to have her favorite snack involved. Plus, like you said, the scrapbooking mom is a good advisor for fonts and cardstock colors, and balanced posters. Rule of thirds, ya know. ;)

    Oh My goodness!!! your daughter is so cute !! And what a great job she did. That is one project my kids never tried and I have four kids that had to do science fair projects every year for years!!!:) How long did it take you to film that whole 4 mins and 44 secs?

    Good tips, Lain.

    Dr. Kinsey did a beautiful job explaining her experiment and doing it! Loved it.

    What a delightful presentation! It was so real, it took me back to my days of teaching 4th grade. She really understood what she was saying. I'd give her an A! I just love 4th graders!

    Wow, what a fantastic experiment. And Kinsey did an amazing job. She really knew what she was talking about - and she's adorable as well!

    Great Job, Kinsey!

    Oh my GOSH Lain, how adorable is she?!!! I love when she said "my hypothesis"... I can't wait till my kids are old enough to enter in science experiments - brings back fond memories :)

    That was so cute!!! What a great job she did! I liked it because she explained it so that I could understand it, I never liked science :) Awesome job!

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