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    I am laughing so hard...I agree with everything you said! Especially #4. What is up with that?!

    Total win... :) I just remembered I never answered your last email.

    #3 and #4 - WAY WAY wrong!! In a kinda scary way.

    Yes! Love Sandra Bullock. Don't understand vajazzaling on SO many levels. I don't even remember who beat Joaquin, but I loved him in that role. In fact, I may go listen to that soundtrack again today. (It makes for great travel music.)

    Ew... call me old-fashioned but there aren't too many verbs that need to start with V-A-J. Ick.

    Great post :-)

    I would have to agree with you on all counts. (I could tolerate the shoes, but maybe in another color)

    Can I add...

    The overuse of the phrase "carbon footprint"

    The rampant misuse of the the term "I could care less..." (it's *couldn't* people!)

    Male chest waxing. (be a man! not a boy.)

    Visible bra straps and g-strings as a fashion statement. I'm not talking lingerie as outerwear (Madonna-style), and I don't mean a random shoulder peek, I mean tank tops and low-rise clothes that don't even attempt to cover undergarments.

    People who hate on bloggers just because they figured out how to make a living at blogging. (if you don't like it, stop affecting their bottom line by clicking on their blog or mentioning their blog, which just sends more people to their blog!)

    How do you keep your list to JUST 5????

    The shoes are ugly but if they're comfortable, I'd wear them. Never even heard of vajazzling but it sounds like something you'd gargle for a sore throat. I love Sandra Bullock but wasn't she the other woman when she first hooked up with J. James?

    Funny blog. I love it.

    AMEN SISTA!!!!! I can't even go into more detail....just nodding and shouting in agreement over here.

    Rumors that people spread to ruin someone's job! Hello, aren't we adults that graduated from high school years ago?

    The cost of college is really annoying me these days...and I still have problems with pierced noses, tongues, etc. But I am really glad spring finally came!

    I don't twitter so that's one Wrong I've avoided. The shoes prove you can get some women to wear anything if it's ahead of the curve. The woman, right, Wrong, and wait 'till she's 70 or 80 with thinning/sagging skin. In technicolor. I'm clueless on vajassling, and pretty sure I'm grateful for that. Oscars? Gave 'em up, too tedious. I'm trying not to notice Wrong, although the ears with tunnels in them are hard to delete, and gray ponytailed men need to look in the mirror.

    My five things:
    1. Body piercings--eyebrows, noses, tongues, nipples, belly buttons. . . heck, even more than one ear piercing!

    2."ugly" language--if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

    3. "whatever"--what does that mean?

    4. Easter candy in the stores before Valentine's Day is over

    5. tutus over leggings--and we're not going to dance class either.

    LOL! Those shoes are pretty nasty, especially in that Ace Bandage color. Lots of things bug me but I'll try to keep my list short:
    1. My neighbors who store their garbage cans, uncovered, in front of their home so that their garbage blows all over the place. Not to mention it's NOT a good look to put them in front of your home. (sorry for the rant)
    2. The overuse/misuse of the word 'green'. Many products that are advertised as 'green' are NOT. I'm all for going green but please be aware of what is green and what isn't.
    3. Parents who can't manage their children in a store. Mine were no angels but when we were shopping they knew better than to pitch a fit because they couldn't have something; they did NOT open candy bars and eat them without paying for them, and they were left at home if they couldn't behave.
    4. Myself when I'm ranting : )

    Open toed boots. Why?

    OMG! I am cracking up, especially on the vajazzling! I don't understand that fad at all!

    YES to this post!!! I absolute can't stand those who have to walk thru the store with the THINGER on the ear and talk non stop. Yes, I answer those who I THINK are talking to ME! Also, RED woodchips... I think Hell may be paved with them.....

    I'm cracking up! Yes, all five of those are just wrong - and, heck, I had to look up vajazzling. Ewwwww!

    My pet peeves? Just 5?!

    1. Double negatives.
    2. People who still haven't figured out the card reader at the checkout.
    3. Cashiers who call me "darlin'"
    4. Newscasters who think Sago, WV is a town. It's not. It's a road, and a mine. The address is Buckhannon.
    5. Weathermen.

    Your annoying 5 are hilarious, as are those from your readers! I had to look up "vagazzling." I almost feel the need to gargle with Listarine. Ewww! And funny!

    On another topic of things that are NOT so wrong...when do we get to sign up for May LOAD? I'm feeling pretty productive!

    I guess it is good that I don't know what it means to automate a direct message, but maybe you can educate me...

    Totally agree with you on the shoes---saw them just this morning when flipping through some sale papers---UGLY!!!!!!!!!

    Here's my five:

    Facebook changing all the time - apparently the Fan Page is going away

    Doctors who take ski vacations 2 days after my husband's surgery

    Bad Teachers {sorry - but you are out there}

    Drivers who cut in front of me - Hellllo! it was my turn to go left!!

    Anybody who doesn't like Hugh Jackman - even just a little!!

    you're the best - lain - happy easter!

    Furniture stores, actually a particular furniture store that still owes me a couple of rugs. Since we spent a considerable amount of $$ in the store, it would be nice if someone would return my calls. In case your wondering the store name rhymes with asset.

    Spammers! Leave my poor blog alone, it's bad enough that the genaric viagra spammer found my cooking blog, but now I've got a Chinese spambot spewing out messages quicker than I can block the ip addresses. Hello, I don't think any of my readers read Chinese.

    Kids who don't ask before they try to pet my dog. She doesn't like little people, parents teach your kids to ask before they approach a strange dog!

    People who think I'm too old to watch "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

    Anyone who calls me "mamn" Let's just do away with this term, no woman likes to be reminded she's old. You'll get a bigger tip if you call me miss and I'll probably buy more stuff if you just lay off the mamn.

    Okay, I feel much better now :)

    what do you mean by automating their DM's?

    Never heard of Vejazzling before, hmmm, you learn something new everyday! ;)

    OMG that vajazzling is just too strange. And that woman is scary

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