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    Great goals Lain. Yoga in a class is so much more fun than a DVD, especially with a good teacher. With your love of books, do you participate with It's a great way to share books and have new ones to read too while keeping that stash down.

    I have one goal so far for 2010. Patience. It's my one word. It game to me in a game before a power play. Coach called a time out, sent the other 4 of my line out and called me, the center, back. All he said was "patience." And it came to me. I need more patience in everything, not just the power play. Patience paid off then with a goal on the PP. Maybe it will pay off in many other areas too this year.

    Well, I started writing my novel last week. I have yet to get serious about exercise/eating better, and there are a few other things I'd like to get done, but I have a whole year, right?

    My biggest goal is to monetize my blog and begin to make a living off of it. I just graduated college so it is about time where I start a career.

    Good luck with all of your aspirations! Bible study and yoga should be great character-builders.

    Terrific goals, Lain.

    We've been reducing books too, as we literally have thousands. Now that we go to the library twice a week, it's easier to let some of them go as we can pick them up locally when we want to reread them.

    Enjoy your bible study and yoga. How fun and good for you.

    My 12 year old just devoured the Percy Jackson series (and so did my husband). We had a good discussion about the death of his stepfather, and now he is (voluntarily!) reading Edith Hamilton's Mythology book, he already read the D'Aulaire's one.

    Not bad for a popular novel.

    I am reading the Ligentening Thief with my son too. He is 10--his older brother loved the whole series. We always make our kids read the book before watching the movie. Not sure it's a good thing.

    Way to go! Here's a pat on the back for wonderful progress, even if the yoga teacher bailed.

    My son and I read HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON. It was a riot to read and conversations about it pop up in random places. I thought our initial discussion was pretty thorough, but he keeps relating to it, so we giggle and talk some more. Thank you for the idea!

    I can't believe January is already history.

    Whitney, my 20 yr old and I just did The Jillian Michaels Shred and I have been walking 4 miles a day pretty consistently. I also have cleaned and purged my scrapbooking supplies - trying to simplify. I got rid of a bunch of 12X12 patterned paper - if it wasn't cute I got rid of it. I've been cleaning and organizing cupboards and getting rid of lots of stuff I don't use/need - it feels wonderful!!

    Ahh, book de-stashing is always soo hard! Along those lines, you guys will really enjoy the Percy Jackson books. I think I learned more about Mythology from those books than I did in High School!

    It's funny...I was thinking about you and your goals the other day, not just your 2010 goals, but your monthly goals. I thought she hasn't posted an update recently. Does that make me weird? ;) lol


    Hi Lain, I just found your blog through Twitter. I made a similar post on my own blog earlier this week. My resolutions are to declutter my entire house (my kitchen is almost done!), get more exercise (I joined a Zumba class), volunteer at an animal shelter (hasn't happened) and "scrap more, stress less." I used to sell on Etsy but gave it up when it started feeling like a chore. I'm scrapping for me again and it feels great!

    Good haven't had sweets since the first... but it would be better if I stopped dreaming of chocolate. I swear I almost picked up that wrapped Andes Mint in the parking lot last weekend...

    How cool that you know Paula IRL! I "know" her from a fantastic online class website run by Debbie Hodge!

    Ditto 1, 2, and 4! The book purging goes along with the organizing post a while back. We are a family of bibliophiles and have a hard time letting go of the books, but and the local used bookstore (which took a lot of our books/things in trade, till it collapsed under high snow accumulation a few weeks ago) have been helpful to us in unloading a few, or at least recycling.

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