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    Love love love your love notes notebook!!! Congrats on the first tutorial can't wait to see more!!

    Thank you so much for the tutorial. I usually am just a lurker, but this was just to good not to comment. Very well done, thank you again!

    You rock, Lain! Now not only will I look forward to your "Five Things" every day, but I can also look forward to the next tutorial! Hmmm...what will it be? Very well done! Thanks!

    Nice Job! I love this project. My daughter is too old for valentines, but not too old to want to give goodies to her friends...this is perfect.


    YES< I did enjoy the video---thanks for sharing! What a great project.

    Cute stuff!

    Very cute Lain!!! Always love to hear your voice. So many adaptations to be made with this but thanks for basic instructions!

    The video was great!!! Can't wait for the next one!! I will have to try this as it can be used for alot of different holidays. I didn't know about scenic route and now I just read that rusty pickle is also going out of sad for them and us.

    You have a very nice voice for a 'how to' video. Very soothing and easy to understand. It's a great project and I believe it's what I'll be making for my sisters this evening. Thanks.

    very cute idea, and very well done tutorial. Where are my other 4?

    Yipee...a project! Okay, now I'll go watch the video.

    I'm back...great job, Lain! <3

    Wonderful! I love it! My son goes to a small school and I am in charge of teacher appreciation, and I think I'll be making these! I just love your little projects!

    CUTE CUTE CUTE! Loved the tutorial and soo easy!

    GREAT tutorial!!! And you did awesome on your first slide show:)

    Love the tutorial - thanks Lain. I'll be making these for sure! Can't wait to see your next project.

    Cute project. Fun tutorial. Thank you!

    LOVE the tutorial. Such a simple project that can "wow." I love the part on how to get the holes punched. What an easy idea but I wouldn't have thought of using a crop-a-dile. Thanks for sharing,can't wait for the next one!

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