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    was wondering where you were - thought you ran out of stuff to say.

    me? trying to catch up on LOAD, stay up on my blog {missed yesterday} and clean my desk.

    sorry about the kids. sick sucks.

    My son made the basketball all star team so---I'm at the rec department every night!


    Wow ,sure glad to see you back on your blog!! Was getting alittle worried. :) I had two of your 5 reasons for not blogging correct!! LOAD and sickness.Glad to hear your OK and that you had a great time with Jen. Will spring ever get here?

    Happy Birthday!

    I am sorry to hear your family has been sick - that's rotten.

    I'm getting my boys back into their homeschool routine after a very shaky few months due to illness, surgery etc. It's so good to get back to a schedule but there's been some resistance.

    Glad you are back and Happy Birthday! I was in Lain withdrawal! :) We have had so much snow here-like more than two feet that I need to go to the airport and fly someplace warm. Today is the first day since Feb. 4th that the sun has been out. Yeah! Hope your kids are better.

    Happy Birthday Lain!
    What have I been doing?
    1. Working
    2. Girls Night Out
    3. Working on a 'card kit' swap
    4. Working on a little purse shaped photo album for my granddaughter's 6th birthday (today).
    5. Watching Olympics each evening.
    Thanks for asking. : )

    We are in the reno mode here in Grand Rapids, MI. My husband surprised me by telling me that my horrible, pieced together craft room was getting gutted and all new storage that I helped draw out was getting installed! Que the celestial chorus..... Now the time of finding a place for everything and finding bins and baskets has begun. It is a beautiful space and can't wait to create again!

    I have loved this LOAD opportunity. I have done a l/o a day in a BPS class once before and it is hard work!

    I am not sure I could do it more than once a year (crazies!), but it has been really fun to be more devoted to my stash/pics/stories and to really get crazy about putting out the pages.

    I have a list now of all the things to get done once March 1 comes around!

    Happy belated birthday my love! You'll love the Flip I just know it. Looking forward to seeing your videos my blogging lady friend.

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