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    I love this series you're doing! Not only is it giving us all great ideas about how to honor our word, but it reminds me of my word every time I see you post about it. :-)

    My word this year is Balance. I digitally scrapbooked it here:

    I love the Art Box project! My word is 'family' and I'm trying to make sure I keep a journal with e-mails, photos and stories from my large and wonderful family.

    I finally put a picture up on my blog! More to come tomorrow, I hope!

    Paula's box is lovely! Where did she get the box, and what materials did she use?

    Thank you for posting my page, it was fun to see my page online. Being a Gemini I just could not decide on a single word.

    love all of these! Thanks for sharing!

    I really like those projects. It would be fun to do them.

    What a cool idea. I live in a vacuum, so I hadn't heard of One Little Word. I think my word for 2010 will be "home." It's so easy to get caught up in going and doing, but the best parts of my life...and those that deserve my undivided attention, are right here under this roof.
    Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!

    Here's an 8x8 LO I did on my One Little Word -

    I finally printed out the picture I wanted. I am going to find an 8x8 frame so I can display it somewhere I look at every day.

    What a great blog!

    My word for 2010 is Content. I have never really understood that word in the past but this year I was turning 50 so maybe it was time I learnt.

    Word for 2010 - Contentby Ladybing

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