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    Love the Paper Clipping round table. I found myself wanted participate - nodding my head, making comments. Glad I was home alone.

    Do you ever wonder why you don't know about some things? Just recently I discovered Tasra Mar (right before you mentioned her). And now Paperlife. What the heck! Have I been under a rock?

    In my paper life, it's LOAD baby. My first time & I am really enjoying it. So fun to squeeze scrapping in every day.

    Congratulations on all your fun & exciting things! I've listened to your paperclipping roundtable episode this afternoon and I was really surprised to hear your voice: somehow I expected it to be deeper (don't ask me why!). It was interesting and I loved all the giggling ;)

    What wonderful fun things!!! I definitely want in on the May LOAD!!!

    I love The Story Matters blog and their challenges. Very inspiring. In fact tomorrow's planned layout will be scraplifted from the sketch that's up right now.
    I'm listening to your paperclipping broadcast right now. So now I know what your voice sounds like!

    Congratulations on all your exciting news!! Looks like I'm going to have to check The Story Matters blog. :) Fun and exciting thing in my life right now? I'd say my discovery of digi scrapping and finally understanding the basic concepts behind it and actually liking it! LOL And all that thanks to you, LOAD and of course, my good friend Barb! :)

    Sounds like lots of good things going on. I have The Story Matters Kit and have made 2 los so far and am going to work on the challenge sketch this weekend. I can't wait for the next kit.

    What's fun for me right now? MY SON

    He made basketball ALL STARS and we're at practive every night.

    He also won a writing contest at school! Very proud of him for this accomplishment.

    Ooo! High five on the Story Matters Gig! Very cool.

    Me? I'm slowly putting everything in order in the hopes that I will soon be on an airplane to visit London. I acknowledged (out loud) that I'm a creative person and that I can tackle a writing project. And, I just helped my daughter finish up all her Science Fair reports and boards, while helping my son earn his Cub Scout Bear Award.

    I love your fun and exciting things! I'll be checking out more info. online based on your suggestions. I've been watching Paperclipping for over a year now, and I must say, I was excited to hear you on the Roundtable! I have not heard this week's Roundtable yet because I like to listen while scrapping, and I've not gotten to scrap!

    Fun and Exciting #1: My 18 yodd finally got her drivers license (don't ask), and can now ferry the others around some! Yeah!

    Fun and Exciting #2: I took my 12 yodd to a painting class at a coffee shop this week, and we had a blast together!

    Fun and Exciting #3: My girls had a big slumber party this weekend culminating in going to a musical together. Fun Indeed!

    Fun and Exciting #4: The washing machine is leaking! Oh, wait, that's not fun. Sorry.

    Fun and Exciting #5: I found some extra cash laying about! When does THAT ever happen? Woo Hoo! That will come in handy when we get the washer fixed. . . .

    Congrats on all your scrappy accomplishments this week!

    Hmmmmmm. Fun and exciting things in my life?
    1. snow day from work (I work in a school).
    2. new organizational tools - spent some time in my craft room reorganizing this week.
    3. got the Valentines sent to my grandchildren.
    4. used my new ice cream machine to make some yummy strawberry sorbet.

    Sorry. That's as exciting as I get this week.

    Hey Congratulations and I am glad to know about all your fun and exciting things.Its very interesting for me.Thank you for this wonderful post.

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