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    Your reason #3 regarding images...I particularly liked the image you put in your last post about LOAD.


    Hey, one question (and I'm looking forward to your answer): Do you answer comments with in the comment area or do you email them personally? I like to answer in my comments so others can see the answer, but I don't know how many people actually go back and look. I'm pretty positive my comment service doesn't send my replies via email like some do.

    I recently switched to Wordpress simply because I hated that I couldn't reply to commenters in Blogger! It is so nice to be able to reply to those who took the time to leave a comment.

    Hey Lain! I'll do 2 exceptions to that - 1. I don't think Seth Godin ever has any pictures & I'm among many who love his blog; and 2. one of the Australian sites - Scrapgossip or Aussiescrapgossip or something like that - regularly has links and only links - and they are useful so I do check in w/ that one from time to time b/cs I know I'll get links there. :) Katie

    1st Day of Load! Am I too late to sign up????

    Ok a reason I don't read a blog even if the content is interesting? They CENTER all of the text. Majorly annoying to me (I don't think majorly is a word but my husband says it all the time). Katie :)

    Great post! I must say that I love that you reply to my comments - it makes me feel loved. Here are my reasons to stop:
    1. You blog too much. If I miss a few days and I see 16 posts, I avoid you, and soon you are at 30, and then unfollow.
    2. You get to preachy. If I signed up for one reason, and find that your core values very different from mine, and you talk about them too much, unfollow.
    3. No humor
    4. Too long
    5. No variety

    I hate it when a blog post doesn't show up fully in my reader. The point of using my reader is so I don't have to go to individual websites.

    I am the worst about updating my blog(s). And I am even worse about putting in images/pictures, etc. I am working on weekly updates to my "One Word" blog, though. And one day, I will have the pictures to go with it!

    Well said! I think all the commenters are right on, too. I'd add that if i simply cannot relate to the blog, I lose interest. For example, there were some cardmakers and scrapper blogs that I just stopped reading bc our styles were so different that it wasn't even inspiring to me. This is no measure of their talent, but I just couldn't relate to them any longer.

    If you don't allow the full (or large portion) of your blog content to show up in an RSS reader. There are some great blogs out there that do this, but I don't have time to click through to every one. There's a reason I use the reader in a first place!

    I especially don't like it when I can't read your full post in my reader, and then when I do decide to click through I get blasted with MUSIC that I didn't start (and probably don't like!).

    I'm probably guilty of too many round-up posts. :( I do one every Friday as a feature, but every once in a while I'll do another just because I'm collecting ideas for a new project (or going off on another Star Wars tangent). I tend to post those, too.

    Posting too often can bug me too. One blog I really like will sometimes post 5 or 6 times in one day. I really like her projects, but I wish she would spread them out! I don't like when the entire post doesn't show up in my reader either. Several blogs I really like do this and it bugs me. I'll visit if I feel the need to comment (which I often do) but I don't like to be forced into it.

    I don't use a lot of photos on my blog, but it's been a issue learning my photo software. That should change today since I have to post my page to flickr for LOAD anyway!

    The no caps thing DRIVES. ME. NUTS. We have rules about the written word for a reason -- so you can be easily understood!

    Oh gosh, I am so picky, my list is really long.

    1. Any kind of weird formatting, no caps, no paragraph breaks, centered text.

    2. Partial feeds - I think SouleMama is the only partial feed still on my list, just because she is awesome. Even with that, I don't click over unless the title grabs me.

    3. No take-aways. I subscribe to very few personal blogs. It's not because I'm not interested in people or their lives... it is just that I don't have enough time.

    I'm so guilty of #1 and feel bad about it. I used to be better but I got out of the habit.

    I just unsubscribed to all the manufacturers blogs I had in my reader. They were posting WAY too much during CHA, I've never won a contest (and rarely even have time to enter), and I'd already seen their product reviewed on other blogs.

    I'm finding my time very short lately and know I need to unsubscribe from some more but I have a hard time letting go.

    Great list as usual Lain. Like Maureen, I feel the love when you reply to my comments. I have to say that I don't do that usually on mine unless there was a direct question... Mmm, I hope my friends don't think I don't care about them.

    I'm with the others with the fact that the full post doesn't show in my reader. And I don't like it either when people update their blogs 5 or 6 times per day since it makes me feel bad about the fact that I can't even update mine at least once a day! LOL

    I stop reading a blog when I realize the owner of the blog I am reading has an even more boring blog and life than I do. My blog and life is painfully dull enough.

    I cannot read the day in and day out documentation of every graham cracker someone's two year old eats while watching Dora the Explorer. I want to get to know the person writing the blog.

    Oh and don't use too many big words. I can't concentrate on them while Dora is on. I gotta focus my brains on keeping that pesky Swiper at bay.

    There are soooo many great blog that I enjoy. Very few of them reply to comments. In answer to Noell---NO, I do not go back and read replies made in the comment sectionso it is best to email if you are wanting to reply.

    I don't like blogs that have busy backgrounds---makes it very hard to read!

    I think you are so super awesome for answering comments on your blog! Though I haven't updated my blog in a couple of weeks so hopefully you won't ditch me haha!

    I agree with a lot of the commenters ahead of me - if you don't blog often enough, I stop reading. I also used to follow one but then she got real wordy and talked a lot about nothing - sorry my time is too important for that. I also love that you respond to my comments. Once when you had emailed me and I was typing a response, my 20 yr old daughter asked who I was emailing. I explained who and she was like "Mom, seriously, you don't even know this lady!" But I beg to differ. I've read your blog long enough and had enough back & forth convos to say that I think I know you quite well Lain! I just haven't met you in person. Big deal - right?! Hope you have fun in Load a Day - I'm going to try to do it on my own. We're still following the Dave Ramsey plan so I didn't have any extra cash to play along. :)

    If I'm uninspired or if it doesn't catch my attention anymore.

    I don't read that many blogs, it's more of a time issue with me. I don't mind if people don't update regularly, I'd rather read them sporadically with great content than every day with mediocre musings. But weird or hard to read formating will also make me not read a blog.

    I just want to say that Lain truly is WONDERFUL about responding to comments. You are one of the friendliest bloggers I know :) I have followed you since scraphappy and glad I recently discovered this new blog and found so many insightful/entertaining posts here. Keep it up, we appreciate your time and effort.

    Reasons I stop reading blogs:
    1. Not interesting to me.
    2. No posts for eons and then a whole bunch of them.
    3. Posts that give out too much information.

    Lain, I'm pretty new to your blog but am enjoying it very much AND am impressed with your replies to my posts. Thank you.

    sooo, i'm pretty sure i just got unfollowed. LMAO! don't worry - i still love you....even if you don't love me! LOL

    My reading of blogs depends on my mood. Sometimes I'm grateful for a whiny post, lets me know my frustrations aren't alone and that they are somewhat validated. Sometimes I like reading uplifting posts. But if a blog is always whiny, or always sugary sweet, I stop reading.

    If there is variety and honesty, I tend to stick around.

    One of the quickest ways to get me to stop reading a blog? Play music. I can't stand listening to someone else stream their music.

    This post reminds me. I need to get the latest batch of photos uploaded to my blog. I've lacked motivation. Felt like I have nothing to say. *sheepish grin*

    Oh! Regarding comments? Thank you for responding. It definitely makes a difference.

    How do you respond to comments? Do you get an email saying "so-and-so" commented, and then respond to that email? Blogger is slightly painful for answering comments...

    I get a bit slack with capitals if I'm typing one-handed (while holding/feeding bubba), but it drives me nuts constantly in blog posts... or strings of dots...... do it to me, too.... ~lol~

    My other dislike is mentioning "something-and-something, I've posted it on my other blog" - but I'm reading your blog now! Share the link, or post everything to one blog!

    Thanks for taking the time to answer comments, guess I should start doing the same for my one-or-two commenters!

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