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    You always crack me up Lain! Love the creative ideas that you have shared with us, but unfortunately, it's still not enough to make me commit! ;P

    Love these ideas! I made a dream box with my 2010 motto front and center. It is on a shelf at my desk area so I can see it everyday.

    Since my word is WELLNESS, I decided that I will create a mini wellness album to document this journey. It may be a page with quotes, it may just be me journalling about the journey or it can be photos relating to my being WELL. :)

    I made a mini-book with envelopes to keep track of my ideas and progress with my word: Intention. It's here:

    love the ideas...pondering what I'll do for my word. i'll be sure to show you when i'm done.

    Can we get the webiste where Christina purchased her "peace" card? I searched coolmompicks and I couldn't find it.

    Is it custom?

    Quite funny to see my frame on your blog! Thanks for the love... looking forward to seeing your slideshow!
    Bonne inspiration!

    I made a simple little digiscrap "Layout" (for lack of a better term) and posted it on my blog and printed it out to put on my desk!

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