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    Wonderful projects! Love the Joy blocks. My favorite is Debbie's journal!

    Those are great! Shouthout to kathleen...she's my friend! Awesome creations and blog. Happy to meet it!

    Thanks Lain! I love seeing the 'one little word' projects / interpretations - last year I was part of a group [of 30!!] that turned our words into an art journal 'swap' - so fun to see the words [all so inspirational!] that everyone chose.And it made for sturdy little [11x8.5] journal too.

    First off - I'm loving these. Diana's really speaks to me, as I love fonts and great action shots!

    Secondly - I meant to tell you I did my layout for 2010 and put it on the blog a couple of days ago ...


    Thank you Lain for featuring my "One Little Word." I was over here early this am and was amazed that the different projects. I so love the photo of "engery."

    I love the 'Joy' photo/ornament as I used one that was similar a couple of years ago!

    Lovin these words! Great job Debby! Great job to you all!

    thank you Lain, it is a pleasure to see these - everyone is so creative. It inspired me to create a page with my three words (illuminate, connect, and create.)

    these are great - thanks for continuing to share as you find them

    Those all are really nice layouts and I like all.I must say that all are very creative,colorful and beautiful.Thank you very much for showing this.

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