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    Twitter is fail because of SPAM. facebook has a vested interest ($$$) in combating spam, malware, etc. Twitter doesn't have enough $ involved for anyone to care. Until TPTB combat the spam, etc, Twitter is going to crash and burn.

    P.S. I am set up to follow several scrappers (including you), and a few colleagues. But I haven't signed in in over a month.

    In my opinion, it's just another time suck! You may not want my opinion though...I just deactivated my facebook account too! I just feel like there are not enough hours in the day. I would rather just read my favorite blogs, and play with my kiddos. They are only little for so long--I just had to choose. Getting something tangible done or spending MORE time on the computer. Way too many sewing & scrapbooking projects to work on + a 4-year-old & 1-year-old=less time on the computer for me! Maybe someday I'll go back to facebook, but time will tell!

    I signed up for Twitter when taking Cathy Z's class Everyone can write a little at BPS. And that's what I use it for, as an electronic notebook of snippets of daily life. I've set it to automatically update my facebook page at the same time (which allows me to think I'm back in touch with old college and high school friends.) I follow very few people, just the ones who post information I think I'll want--like when you update here or the ella blog, or Pioneer Woman or Cathy Z for sheer goofy entertainment. I don't even remotely think of it as a social networking tool, just as a virtual notebook and bulletin board. I don't want to spend the time turning it into anything more.

    i like twitter A LOT! and I follow you there because I like seeing what you're up to, getting news on your projects. use lists and seesmic as my reader has made it really useful for me.

    Never tried it and have no intention of doing it! Just don't see the point really

    Well, I managed to avoid MySpace and Facebook and almost made it without Twitter but all of my InLaws decided Twitter was the easiest way to communicate quick messages to each other so I had to sign up and started paying attention to it. IT was fun to 'visit' with people I would not normally have the opportunity to 'talk with' (like you and several of the ladies from previous Inspired Artist Weekend events)

    Of course, as I got into it my inLaws decided they wanted to focus on Facebook instead. I ended up creating a FB account because that was also the only way my tennis league team communicated, too. Whatever happened to phone calls? I would much prefer a phone call regarding a time change on a lesson or match but that was just too much for the group, I guess.

    Needless to say, I haven't visited either site in about 2 months. IF someone wants me to know where/when, etc. they end up calling me. Works better for everyone (they know I know to be there or have the twins there) and I don't spend as much time on the computer - it's all good! : )

    Twitter has become, for me, a place where people find me and then blast me with advertisements! I agree, twitter is fail!

    Your post and the ensuing comments were very interesting to read. But I disagree. Maybe it's just me and how I live. The fact that I'm a technology geek and process information on a different level than others. It's too long of a story to go into tweets, but let's just say that via twitter I have made some of the most life altering connections and best friends I've had since I was a child. Everyone's experience is different with twitter and if you look at it with a jaundiced eye of "new fangled doohickey" you'll get out of it only what you put into it. As a nation, we're overly innundated with information and maybe this is just one area for some people.

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